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Preserves Ana Maria 

Of Santoña to your house - Prices-of-Origin - free Shipping from 59€ Conservas Ana Maria is a small canning company located in Santoña that produces anchovies and a variety of canned food at an affordable price. Anchovies Canned Ana Maria have been winners of the best anchovies of Santoña in 2016 and 2017.

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Conservas Ana Maria

Conservas Ana Maria is a family business founded in the year 1997 in Santoña (Cantabria) Spain, whose symbols that characterize it are: Tradition and Quality.

Since its inception, its production was focused in the manufacturing of Anchovies from the Cantabrian sea, taking particular care with the quality. Your Anchovies Gold Series is the highest quality of all, which you can buy here in Anchoasdeluxe.

Now, in addition to buy Cantabrian Anchovies made in Santoña will be able to find other products of the sea thanks to that they have expanded their production with a range of other products, such as Canned white tuna, Tuna.., thanks to the marketing channels of the Anchovies from the Cantabrian sea, which has allowed them to open up this new market. Conservas Ana Maria, a reference to the national level.

Santoña, the cradle of the best anchovies in the world.

Santoña became a reference for the world of the anchovy fillets already a long time ago, in the wake of the italians, in search of fishing give to this place and found there a village that provided great conditions to be able to capture the bocarte of the bay of biscay, the bocarte of a higher quality.

With the time we were establishing in Santoña, creating factories and more and more people got into the world of the anchovy.

There was born Ana Maria with the illusion of getting to different places of the world, this bocarte of high quality, elaborating various canned products from the sea, but in special, the anchovies of Santoña.

What is the difference between anchovy and boquerón?

Differentiate between anchovy and anchovy is very easy. Both are the result of the development of bocarte, the difference is in how it is made each one. The anchovies are the result of the processing in the salting and ripening of bocarte, while the anchovy is to marinate the bocarte in vinegar and oil. The anchovy has a whitish colour and is stronger in flavor.

In Conservas Ana Maria you can enjoy anchovies of Santoña and of anchovy a great taste. Both products are highly valued because of its taste and quality.

What is an anchovy 00?

When speaking of anchovy 00, we speak of anchovy larger-than-usual, but it is not a measure established, it is simply the name that has been used and is used at the level of colloquial. It is difficult to find these anchovies, as it is given in smaller quantity.

In Conservas Ana Maria the format of high restoration with a few fillets of anchovies of Santoña you can find anchovy of larger size.

What is the format of anchovies Ana Maria is better?

Conservas Ana Maria offers us anchovies of Santoña, in different formats, covering all the possibilities. The difference in the formats is only the amount of anchovies that contain, and therefore the number of persons for which it is recommended, but the quality is the same in all of them.

For 1 person recommended octavillo that has 8/9 fillets or the special edition of 80 gr with 10/12 fillets. This last is also a good option for 2 people, as well as the can of high restoration that it contains anchovy somewhat larger, and are 12 steaks, approximately, so that is also a good format for a person who likes to eat several steaks.

If you are going to enjoy between 3, 4 people a proper format would be the tambourine 180 grams, with a 22/25 fillets of anchovies of Santoña.

on the other hand, we can find the formats of 300 grams with 48/49 fillets in glass jar, tray, 55 fillets or can 550 grams that contains a 63/68 anchovies. These large formats are recommended for times where you are going to enjoy in groups and have more people, or if you are going to perform dishes or snacks for those who are in need of anchovies. For few people it would be too much.

How to store Anchovies Ana Maria?

anchovies Ana Maria are a semi-preserve, and that is why you have to always be kept in the fridge so that they are at a temperature between 5 and 12 degrees.

it Is recommended that you open the format that is going to enjoy completely, because once you open the can, comes in contact with light and oxygen and this causes them to go losing quality. Therefore it is always better to finish the tin can that is opened or leave it the less time possible to open. Yes, if there is, there is always that re-save them in the refrigerator.

The format can provide a greater shelf life, since it prevents the light from affecting the anchovy, and it can cause fumes as may pass in the jar of glass, that's why Conservas Ana Maria bet mostly by the format in the tin.

How to enjoy Anchovies Ana Maria?

to be in The cold, the salt and the oil tend to solidify, and it is for this reason that there is remove the tin from the refrigerator about 20 minutes before to go taking room temperature and is dissolved, and being able to enjoy all of the flavor and the quality of the anchovies.

What type of fish is the anchovy?

The anchovy itself is not a fish, it is the result of the development of bocarte. is The bocarte is a blue fish.

you Can buy Canned Ana Maria and enjoy a great variety of products of the cantabrian sea, the raw materials of the best quality. Enjoy!

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