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Canned food Don Bocarte

Of Santoña to your house - Prices-of-Origin

Conservas Don Bocarte produces anchovies of Santoña of great quality. Direct from Santoña to your home at factory prices. Enjoy quality and taste at a good price.

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Conservas Don Bocarte Located in Santoña Conservas Don Bocarte was born in 1997 and his dedication has turned this company into one of the most valued in the sector. Their success is due to the selection of the best raw materials in the Cantabrian sea and to the care which he devotes in the process of preparation of the canned products. These anchovies from Santoña are a few high quality pieces made from bocarte of the bay of Biscay fish in spring, months in which fish is more tasty (April, may, and June), giving rise to one of the best raw materials in the world. Don Bocarte presents a few anchovies of prestige which they possess a shade of brown salmon, even, and without blemish dark along the spine. But not only this makes them to be excellent, but also the craftsmanship and manual, a scrupulous cleaning and healing of 6 months in salting, which makes the production to be limited. Santoña, the cradle of the best anchovies in the world. Santoña is a coastal town of Cantabria, located 48 km from the capital, Santander. It is surrounded almost completely by the sea, the cantabrian sea specifically, and has a great seafaring tradition and anchoera. It is a landmark, not only at the national level, also world, the world of the anchovies, because they are elaborated with the best anchovies, thanks to the raw material offered by the cantabrian sea, the bocarte of the bay of biscay, captured at the coastal spring, and to the development of artisan and traditional part of the cannery, to get a anchovy of unsurpassed quality. What is the difference between anchovy and boquerón? There are still people that don't know the difference between an anchovy and anchovy, and we can add bocarte. Are three concepts that are closely related and that not all know the difference. But it really is very easy to tell them apart. The bocarte is the fish, and the anchovy and the anchovy get after trying the bocarte. When the bocarte is subjected to an elaboration on salting and ripening time, get the anchovy, and when the bocarte is marinated in vinegar and oil is obtained as a result the anchovy, whitish in color and with a stronger flavor than the anchovy. In Conservas Don bocarte you will find anchovies of Santoña of great quality. Doing honor to your name you'll be able to enjoy some anchovies prepared with the best bocarte, the bay of biscay. What is an anchovy 00? The term anchovy 00 is the term that has been adopted to refer to the anchovies of large size, although it is a colloquial term, which is not used in the canning factories, as the sector size is known in grains. Conservas Don Bocarte offers in the format of high-restoration of 100 grams a few anchovies that are slightly bigger than usual What is the format of anchovies-Don Bocarte is better? The choice of format to choose should be based on a function of the people who are going to enjoy anchovies. The quality of the anchovies is the same in the different cans of conservas don bocarte. We can find the octavillo, composed of about 6/8 fillets, recommended for one person. For 2 or 3 people who don't want to many anchovies we found the dual format octavillo, with 13/15 anchovies don bocarte. And for 1 or 2 people would also be the format high restoration with anchovy slightly larger size and with 10/12 anchovy fillets. In any of these formats you will find anchovies don bocarte the best quality, ready to serve and enjoy this great delicacy. How to store Anchovies Don Bocarte? It is important to know that anchovies are a semi-preserve, and that they therefore need to be kept cold, between 5 and 12 degrees. In addition, it is always recommended that once you open the can it's finished, because when in contact with the air this causes it to gradually lose quality, and not enjoy them as much as those taken when you open the can, so you must always open the proper format for what you are going to consume. Conservas Don Bocarte bet for the format in a tin, as in tin the placement of the anchovies is better, provides increased shelf life, does not affect the light or the vapor that affect the glass jars. How to enjoy Anchovies Don Bocarte? To be in the refrigerator oil and the salt tend to solidify, so it is best to remove the tin for about 20 minutes before you go to consume for it to go, taking the ambient temperature and the salt and the oil to dissolve again, so that you can enjoy all the flavor and quality of anchovies-Don Bocarte. Buy Anchovies Don Bocarte you will enjoy a true delicacy, as is the anchovy of Santoña.



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