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Canned food Sanfilippo

Of Santoña to your house - Prices-of-Origin - free Shipping from 59€ Canned Sanfilippo is a canning very exclusive, with 120 years of seniority developing anchovy of Santoña. Productions very limited and exclusive. To the experts the best anchovies of Santoña.

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Balanza 50 grams
€26.25 (tax incl.)
1 review
1 Can of Anchovies from Santoña 50gr Ana María 1 Can of Anchovies from Santoña 50gr Solano Arriola 1 Can of Smoked Santoña Anchovies 50gr Catalina 1 Can of Anchovies from Santoña Sanfilippo Bocattos 9 loins
€89.60 (tax incl.)
1 review
2 Cans of Anchovies from Santoña in EVOO Haute Restauration 14/16 fillets, El Capricho 1 Can of Anchovies from Santoña in Olive Oil "Reserva Catalina" 1 Can of Sanfilippo Anchovies in Olive Oil Bocattos 9 loins 1 Can...
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Canned Sanfilippo Canned Sanfilippo brings her back 5 generations of experts conserveros. Since 1896 lead by developing anchovies of Santoña. Their ancestors sicilians were some of the first people to settle in Santoña to devote to the development of the anchovy salting. Since then, they have always maintained their roots and traditions, being based always its production in maintaining the traditional method that was used in the beginning, thus keeping the production of the best anchovies, being global benchmarks. Santoña, the cradle of the best anchovies in the world. Santoña is a coastal town located in Cantabria known for being a leader in the world of the anchovy from more than 100 years ago. The first to settle in Santoña were a few italians, in particular several families of Sicily, who came to Santoña attracted by the quality of the bocarte of the bay of biscay. Found the copy of a higher quality for the production of anchovies, and Santoña found the place where to establish their factories. Since then are produced the best anchovies of the world, of Santoña. One of those families sicilian were canned Sanfilippo, that after 5 generations and 120 years continue in Santoña elaborates that many experts rate them as the best anchovies in the world. What is the difference between anchovy and boquerón? The anchovy is the result of marinating in vinegar and oil bocarte. It is whitish in color and strong flavor. The anchovy is the result of developing in salted and allowed to mature the bocarte, getting a few steaks, brown-reddish, in their right point of salt. Canned Sanfilippo carry dedicated to the development of the anchovy of Santoña 120 years. Being experts in the traditional techniques and keeping their salted anchovies more time than the usual, with an average of 2 years. What is the format of anchoas Sanfilippo is better? The quality of the anchovies " Sanfilippo does not vary depending on the format that you choose. Canned Sanfilippo has a few different formats to the rest of the cannery. In the first place, we must differentiate between bocattos and delizias. The bocattos are of slightly larger size (we can be talking about millimeters), are the central part of the anchovy, that is to say the spine. The delizias the anchovies are whole, something larger than the bocattos with the tips, and slightly more narrow. Once you have decided if you prefer bocattos or delizias the choice of format depends on the number of guests, so that for 1 or 2 are recommended the delizias 16 steaks or bocattos 9. The delizias 16 could also be for 3 people. For the greater number are recommended delizias 24, 48 or bocattos 30/32, choosing between them depending on the amount that you want to take. In addition to those who like to prepare the anchovies, you can choose the formats in salting with 4 or 8 large pieces. These formats contain salted anchovies that needs to be cleaned to be able to enjoy. In any of the formats are anchovies of the best quality. How to store Anchovies " Sanfilippo? The anchoas Sanfilippo must always be kept in refrigerated. It is recommended to take 20 minutes before they go to taste, so that they are room temperature and can enjoy the anchovies with the highest quality. It is ideal to open the format you are going to enjoy completely, as when you open the can, the anchovies can go losing quality when in contact with the air. If you are there to save them always in the fridge of course and try to consume them in the shortest possible time. How to enjoy Anchovies " Sanfilippo? These anchovies are a global benchmark, have been rated as the best by many experts, it is recommended to enjoy alone, but also can be used for skewers, salads, main dishes, providing great taste and quality to other products. These anchovies are very exclusive and limited production. Canned Sanfilippo leads from 1896 developed the best anchovies of Santoña

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