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Balanza 300 grams
€2.67 (tax incl.)
Discover the exquisiteness of our Alcaparrones Jars 300 gr. Enjoy its unequalled quality and its tasty and gourmet flavor. Each jar is a sample of exclusivity and is made with the best ingredients.
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The pickles are foods preserved that will help us to get a taste without equal. In AnchoasDeluxe we have a very large array of this kind of preserves, but we want to offer you a bit of information about these foods. They are and how they made the pickles Pickling is an old technique. According to the Royal Spanish Academy of the Language, it is ‘to make certain fruits or vegetables take the taste of vinegar and will conserve a lot of time having them in this liquid’. He was born as a way to preserve food, as before, as is obvious, there was no fridge for this. Basically it is done this way: First we choose the food we want to preserve. What we have to chop, so that we make sure that the acid can touch the greater part of the food and be functional at one hundred percent. In some cases, a means to cook food, especially in the case of vegetables and meat. In any case, we need to fill it with some acid like vinegar, as its properties will make the bacteria do not enter. Then boil the container and the only thing that remains is to close it At the industrial level, it is done in a similar way, but each company has its own tricks. Virtually any fruit or vegetable can be pickled. Variants of pickles As you can read above, it can be pickling almost any vegetable or fruit. Here some variants: Olives of many varieties Vegetables such as ginger, lotus root, pickles or onions. In addition, we find asparagus and radishes. Capers of all kinds. All are in oil Fruits such as mango. We've also seen the watermelon and lemon Peppers, chillies and Jalapenos Beef, pork, and even ham Fish of all kinds Whole eggs Okras Do pickles make you fat? No. The pickles are treated vegetables well preserved, so that the index heat is practically nil. In addition, usually use vinegar, which is a seasoning that does not add fats to your diet. The only thing that there is to be careful of is the sodium, because that puts them in salt to make food last longer than it should have. How the olives are pickles? So it is. Almost all the olives craft that we sell were made using the technique of pickling. That is to say, they are sealed under vacuum with a condiment such as vinegar or alcohol. For that reason, you will find our olives and our pickles on the same menu special, where we'll show you the best products for you. Japanese pickles The japanese pickles are named Tsukemono, and are one of the traditional foods that consists of the combination of small plates. Unlike the technique of us preparation of the Tsukemono goes a little further, as you add flavors sweet, salty, or spicy by means of a preparation classic.



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