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quesada a typical dessert of the Pas valley of Cantabria (Spain), which are mainly produced in the towns of Selaya, Vega de Pas, Villacarriedo and Alceda-Ontaneda.

it Has the consistency of a pudding and is prepared with milk, curd, butter, wheat flour, eggs and sugar. Usually serve with with a mixture of grated lemon rind and cinnamon powder. the taste is slightly sweet.

In the preparation of the quesadas, mix the sugar and the butter and then add the milk curd, the lemon grated and the dust of cinnamon. After you add the eggs, previously beaten, and the flour of wheat. When the dough is ready, bake it into a pie pan for an hour to 180 °C.

The quesada of the Valleys Pasiegos is a simple dessert but delicious. Only their teachers, pas manage to the consistency and taste of the true quesada. Can be eaten both cold and hot, although it is perfect for winters: consistency is firm but spongy, and its high nutritional value make this dessert in one of the foods ideal for facing the harsh winters in the mountains.

authentic quesadas are the quesadas of the Valleys Pasiegos, soft and fluffy on the inside and crispy on the surface. is True delicacies of the gastronomy of the cantabrian.

A good quesada pasiega at breakfast or at dinner: great ways to start and end the days with a lot of strength and flavor.

The best quesadas pas district are to be found in our online store. We will send you a fresh product, freshly baked and developed according to the strict prescription of pas, no added artificial of any kind.

Enjoy the quesadas of the Valleys Pasiegos, which are available in our virtual store, where shopping is fast, easy and secure.

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