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Olives and Pickles

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Balanza 300 grams
€2.67 (tax incl.)
Discover the exquisiteness of our Alcaparrones Jars 300 gr. Enjoy its unequalled quality and its tasty and gourmet flavor. Each jar is a sample of exclusivity and is made with the best ingredients.
Balanza 300 grams
€3.77 (tax incl.)
Delight yourself with our exquisite Almond Stuffed Manzanilla Olives , a true gourmet delicacy. Each 300 gram jar is full of quality and exclusive flavor. Enjoy this limited delight and savor the perfect combination...
Balanza 300 grams
€2.11 (tax incl.)
1 review
Discover the exquisite flavor of our Manzanilla Olives with Pickles in the Kimbito Jar. With unmatched quality and a tasty and unique flavor , this gourmet product will transport you to an exclusive culinary experience.
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Olives and pickles are two of the gourmet items that we most need in our kitchen, since they are responsible for giving life to some dishes. In AnchoasDeluxe we have a great range of olives of all kinds and pickles of various companies. Types of olives There are many (truly many) types of Olives. But, these are the most common in the tables, in addition to that we can buy very easily in Spain: Olive Chamomile: is one of the most popular varieties, if not the most known. The fruit is of good quality and is produced in Spain thanks to the subspecies of Caceres and Seville Olive Gordal in Spain: we know it by the nickname of Spain. Of meaty texture, we have a result very green, and the kitchen serves very much to be filled in. The Hojiblanca olive is one of the larger versions in Europe. But undoubtedly its great feature is that it has a slight bitter taste at the time to enjoy it. With this done the black olives. Olive Aloreña: it is the only olive in Spain with the Denomination of Origin. It eats almost natural, and is very common in Malaga, where you will be served only with water. The olive Verdial: it is totally green. Is carácterístico its sweet flavor and its larger size. It is the favorite snacks of the table. Olive Lechin: its apple flavor is its main feature. But their purpose is that of making the dressing in black Other types: Peaked Terebinth Arbequina Obregon Empeltre Actual Field Cerignola Kalamata Castelvetrano Types of pickles In addition to the Olives, there are various types of pickles, which help the preservation of the food is one of their main characteristics: Vegetables such as ginger, lotus root, pickles or onions. In addition there are asparagus and radishes. Capers of all kinds. All are in oil Fruits such as mango. We've also seen the watermelon and lemon Peppers, chillies and Jalapenos Beef, pork, and even ham Fish of all kinds Entire eggs. Of course, the whole range of Olives that you mentioned above. Preparation of the Pickles Olives and Pickles are a food that can be purchased, but can also be done at home without any problem. Pickling is the action in where the food we're going to dip them in acid in order to assist them to be preserved without the risk of a break down. It is an ancient technique, as before, there was no fridge to increase the shelf life of the food. Basically it is done this way: First we choose the food we want to preserve. What we have to chop, so that we make sure that the acid can touch the greater part of the food and be functional one hundred percent. In some cases, a means to cook food, especially in the case of vegetables and meat. In any case, we need to fill it with some acid like vinegar, as its properties will make the bacteria do not enter. Then boil the container and the only thing that remains is to close it At the industrial level, it is done in a similar way, but each company has its own tricks. Do you like olives and pickles? Above are our best products.



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