Jar of Olives Aloreña Gourmet D. O. P. of Malaga, 170 grams


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Olive Aloreña Gourmet Malaga DOP. What do we find in this product? These olives have protected designation of origin, which guarantees its area of production and the tradition in its elaboration, becoming the first Table Olives in Spain. Olive bone small and floating, soft skin and a unique taste Main features: Broken olive With Bone D. O. P Aloreña, Malaga, Spain. Seasoned with aromatic plants from the region Aromatic qualities Collection manual Broken olive, sweetened in brine and seasoned with a mixture of aromatic plants such as thyme, fennel, garlic and pepper. They are sweetened only with salt and water, which allows a conservation of the fibrous texture of fresh fruit. This quality is achieved thanks to the preparation starting, manual picking and the development with natural products that characterizes it and differentiates it from other. Love by the good A family run business founded in 1976. The quality of their products is undeniable, what has made them stand out and grow in the market, being currently one of the companies expanded in the Costa del Sol. With the passing of the years have been growing and incorporating technologies and machines that assist in the process of development, always in keeping with the philosophy of the creator: love what you do, a careful service and a personalized attention. Always working to achieve the best quality in their products. Ingredients Olives aloreñas games green, water, salt, garlic, thyme, pepper, natural spices, preservatives, antioxidants and acidifier. *Contains sulphites

Data sheet
FormatGlass jar
Net Weight300 grams
Weight Drained170 grams
SourceMalaga, Spain
Protected designation of originAceituna Aloreña de Málaga

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