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The vinegars are a necessary item for the kitchen. Offers new properties to all foods and new flavors to dishes prepared with such care. In AnchoasDeluxe we have the best Vinegars are artisanal, but before we want to offer you a quick view to all that it offers: Types of Vinegars A vinegar can be for sale in different presentations. They all have their own flavor, texture, smell and utility, so I recommend a lot of reading about the that you think buy. These are some of the that you can see in our gourmet shop or in some local delicacies from all over Spain: Reduction of Balsamic Vinegar Wine vinegar Balsamic Vinegar 100% White Vinegar Sherry vinegar Vinegar of Modena Cider vinegar or Apple Rice vinegar Other endemics of various regions Areas of elaborations of Vinegar The vinegar is a condiment for the kitchen. This is carried out using the fermentation of various alcohols to form acetic acid, which is vinegar in scientific words. It can be done in an industrial fashion and in your house. The Vinegar is practically carried out in all countries of the world, but the gourmet product is only in some nations. The united states and the United Kingdom are the main consumers and producers of this condiment, but Spain is a country known especially for two products: Vinegar of Jerez and the Wine Vinegar. In the region of Andalusia you can try an excellent Sherry Vinegar denomination of origin. Another site with this award is the vinegar of Jerez, condado de Huelva, where you can try one aged. Aragon is known for its Wine Vinegar, because, since 1998, has a quality seal of the Government. Uses in the kitchen of the Vinegar The vinegars have different types of uses in the kitchen: The white is ideal for preparing pickles, as it has a strong flavor The wine helps to enhance the flavour of meats and is used to make some sauces. The Sherry is used to garnish salads and many other dishes of the mediterranean cuisine. The Modena can be used to make vinaigrettes, to marinate fish and seafood, and to sample inputs. The apple help for salads or to season fish and white meats. The rice serves to highlight the flavor of the Sushi and other foods of the east. In addition, thousands and thousands of recipes require vinegar to enhance the flavor of various ingredients.

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