Reduction of Balsamic Vinegar with the Aroma of Truffle, 250 ml


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Reduction of Balsamic Vinegar with the aroma of a truffle, 250 ml. What do we find in this product? Reduction of Balsamic Vinegar with the aroma of a truffle. A gourmet product with a unique taste. Dressing ideal for a wide number of dishes. We could cite you to 1,000 ideas of combinations, but only we're going to give a few, with salads, mushrooms, hors d'oeuvres, desserts, risottos, decoration of dishes....Made with top ingredients, the result is a magnificent reduction of vinegar with truffle.... A handmade product, without preservatives. The flavors are more traditional Reduction of Balsamic Vinegar with the aroma of a truffle is a gourmet product of our gastronomy. By combining two ingredients very valuable as the reduction of vinegar of Modena and the black truffle will get a taste differential, and unique. Great variety of options to enjoy, with bread and salt, salads, and vegetables the natural, cheese, foie gras, tapas and canapés, fresh fruit, desserts and ice creams, vinaigrettes, pasta, eggs, risotto, mushrooms, potatoes, beef carpaccio...A touch of extraordinary flavor and excellent. Bodegas Rodríguez Chiachio SL is located in the city of Cabra, in the Natural Park of the Sierra Subbética Cordobesa. At first the family was devoted to the elaboration of the wine until it began to develop a Special wine for Cooking. Following the line to look for products that contribute to the cuisines traditional flavors, with the utmost assurance and comfort was extended to the range of products with the mark “Stew” with Vinegars, Brandies, Preserves, prepared Dishes and extraordinary Reductions Artisans of Wine and Vinegar unique for its type of preparation on a slow fire for hours. Rodriguez Chiachio joins the tradition, the knowledge in the world of the power, the sheer quality of its wines and vinegars, the best technology in packaging and quality control in the manufacturing. Only in this way can make reaching out to customers the taste and aroma of the real thing, with the maximum guarantee. Properties: Eating well is, rich, healthy, and makes you feel good and happy The balsamic vinegar is rich in antioxidants, contains a high percentage of enzymes involved in the metabolism digestive system to standardize it. Regulates levels of sugar. In addition it is rich in potassium, so that it has a good diuretic action in the body, helping to eliminate the retention of liquids. Ingredients Reduction of vinegar, balsamico, natural aroma of truffle, dye.

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Net Weight250 ml
SourceCordoba, Spain

Se puede usar en numerosos platos, setas salteadas, ensaladas y verduras al natural, quesos, foie, pinchos y canapés, postres y helados, decoración de platos y presentación pastas, risottos, patatas en sus distintas variedades, huevos fritos, verduras, carnes, y distintos platos ya cocinados.

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