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Iberian ham, Shoulder and Sausages 

Craft - Guijuelo - Hunting - Direct to your home A wide selection of iberian ham in pieces or sliced. Handmade in Guijuelo, the cradle of iberian ham, in León IGP and in the Picos de Europa. Great taste and quality.

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Showing 1 - 48 of 62 items

What products found Inside of our online store, you know that we work with products distinguished by their quality, crafted in the traditional way and with passion, and so are the actual products that we find in every corner. In this section you can find sausages hunting, sausage of pork, ibérico de bellota ham, ham bait, iberian palette of acorn, a palette of bait and sliced. All of them under the same umbrella, the quality and craftsmanship. These products originate from Guijuelo, geographical area characterized by the development of the best ham in the world. A unique site that has a microclimate that is conducive to a slow healing and slow cured meats and hams, making it one of the best in the world. Iberian Acorn-fed, 100% Iberian unique, thanks to the freedom in their extensive lands, the power, and a careful process of elaboration. We also found pieces of game, such as chorizo and salami of wild boar and deer, in complete pieces. Handmade in the Picos de Europa, with adobes natural and cured in Liébana (Peaks of Europe), which offers a unique microclimate, retaining its flavor, freshness and quality. A few select products of high quality. The cecina of León has IGP, cured for a minimum of 18 months. A product highly acclaimed for its quality and taste with various awards. Buy online the best jamón Ibérico de Bellota, 100% ibérico is possible and with the greatest guarantee of Quality. Formats available The iberian hunting are to be found in complete pieces. Ideal for beginning and enjoy the taste of each one. The iberian ham and the palette can be found in complete pieces, with the option of choosing between iberian acorn ham, iberian ham bait field, iberian acorn and iberian palette bait. Are prepared to make the order, parts of the highest quality. You can also buy directly sliced in envelopes of 100 grams pork loin, sausage, chorizo, ham and shoulder, all of them iberian acorn-fed. Comfortable envelope where you can enjoy all the flavor of these iberian of Guijuelo. The cecina de Leon is found in about gourmet of 80 grams Serving size perfect to be able to enjoy this wonder food. Choose the sausage that you like and enjoy a pure and natural taste. Difference between the iberian acorn-fed ham, and ham for bait Iberian acorn ham 100%, more fat and less percentage of flesh, due to the quality of growing up in freedom and the power of acorn. Iberian ham bait, less fat and greater amount of meat, due to its power feed. The best iberian, of great quality and taste.

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