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What do we find in this product of chorizo ibérico de bellota? 2 ENVELOPES OF IBERIAN ACORN-FED HAM, GUIJUELO 100 GRAMS. 2 ENVELOPES OF IBERIAN ACORN-FED, GUIJUELO 100 GRAMS. 1 ON LOIN IBERIAN OF ACORN GUIJUELO 100 GRAMS 1 PACKET OF CHORIZO IBÉRICO DE BELLOTA, GUIJUELO 100 GRAMS. IT GIFT! Features that make it unique: The Pink Iberian has two certificates of quality, ensuring that your meats come only from Castile and León and the quality of these, warranty, Land of Taste and CALIFER. Their pigs are fed only acorns native raising animals with warranty and quality. The microclimate of Guijuelo causes a healing of the sausages, this being a slow and leisurely turning them into some of the best in the world. Their sausages are made gluten-free. Benefits of the chorizo ibérico de bellota It is very important to know what we eat, and among the variety of all the sausages in place, the acorn is the most healthy and beneficial for the human being for certain reasons: The chorizo ibérico de bellota contains oleic acid which decreases the rate of cholesterol is harmful for our body. Contains animal fat more healthy due to the feeding of pigs is based only on acorns. The chorizo provides vitamins such as B1, B6, B12 and folic acid are very beneficial for the nervous system and the proper functioning of the brain. The chorizo ibérico de bellota is low in salt (4 grams). The Pink iberian, a story without thorns Company with family character becoming the basis of the entire production process, with three generations dedicated to the iberian sector. It is located in a unique setting of Castilla y León, Guijuelo, which has a microclimate of the zone that leads to a slow healing and slow of their sausages and hams, making them one of the best in the world. The whole experience of the grandmother Rosa Ramos has been able to transmit to their children and grandchildren. In 2015, adapting the company to new times, is born "The Pink Iberian", doing honor to the grandmother of the family, with a fusion in the modern and its more than 25 years of experience.

Data sheet
FormatVacuum packaging
Net Weight100grs
SourceGuijuelo, Spain

Keep refrigerated at an approximate temperature of 6º. Open the packaging 10 minutes before serving and eat at room temperature (20-22).

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