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Anchovies of Santoña

Now you can buy anchovies from Santoña of the best quality and with the best guarantee. All anchovies are 100% handmade, produced in Santoña, Cantabria.

We only select the best anchovies, from the cannery to your home. We are experts in Santoña anchovies, the first to have the widest selection of anchovies online and leaders in the sale of anchovies. We know each cannery, we guarantee the quality and freshness of each can. And we can offer the best prices for you to enjoy quality anchovies.

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Purchasing anchovies from Santoña is an excellent choice for those seeking authentic and high-quality flavors. This small town in the north of Spain is renowned for its production of anchovies, which are carefully cured and packaged to preserve their distinctive taste. By buying Santoña anchovies, you are not only acquiring a gourmet product, but also supporting small businesses and local fishermen who strive to keep this culinary tradition alive.

  1. High in Omega 3: Santoña anchovies are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for cardiovascular and brain health.
  2. Protein Source: This type of anchovy provides a significant amount of protein, essential for building and repairing tissues in the body.
  3. Low in Saturated Fats: Unlike other animal-origin foods, Santoña anchovies are low in saturated fats, which helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels.
  4. Rich in Vitamins and Minerals: Santoña anchovies contain vitamins such as B12 and minerals such as selenium, iodine, and zinc, which are essential for the proper functioning of the body.
  5. Unique Flavor: In addition to their health benefits, Santoña anchovies are recognized for their intense and unique flavor, making them a standout ingredient in Spanish cuisine.
  6. Benefits of Buying Santoña Anchovies
  7. Produced in Santoña, Spain.
  8. Preserved in olive oil.
  9. Intense and salty flavor.
  10. Soft and firm texture.
  11. High in proteins and Omega-3.
  12. Low in saturated fats.
  13. Ideal for appetizers and salads.
  14. Artisanal production process.
  15. Sustainably fished.
  16. Packaged in airtight cans to maintain freshness.
  17. No preservatives or artificial additives.
  18. Rich in vitamins and minerals.
  19. Long shelf life.
  20. Easy to store and transport.
  21. Available in different can sizes.
  22. High-quality gourmet product.
  23. Can be consumed directly from the can.
  24. Gluten-free and suitable for paleo and keto diets.
  25. Can be used in a variety of recipes.
  26. They are a source of iodine and selenium.

Prices of Santoña Anchovies

The price range of Santoña anchovies can vary depending on the brand, quality, and quantity. Generally, you can expect to pay from 5 euros for a small 50-gram can up to 50 euros or more for a high-quality 500-gram can. Santoña anchovies are known for their excellent taste and quality, so they often have a higher price than other anchovies.

Buying quality Santoña anchovies is now much easier and more convenient from our online gourmet store, the number one online with the best anchovies, the best variety, and specialists in the sale of Cantabrian anchovies for over 10 years. Why buy them?

• Anchovies from Santoña and Cantabria, all from the Cantabrian Sea.

• Caught in spring, the best quality available in the market.

• Limited productions, small family businesses with a great family tradition.

• Hand-rubbed anchovies.

• The best service, refrigerated transport to take care of the anchovies in summer.

• We work directly with anchovy producers, fresh and guaranteed product at the best price.

Doubts about Buying Santoña Anchovies

What is the origin of Santoña anchovies?

How are Santoña anchovies preserved after purchase?

What is the expiration date of Santoña anchovies?

Do Santoña anchovies come in olive oil?

How much does shipping Santoña anchovies cost?

How long will it take for my order of Santoña anchovies to arrive?

Can I return Santoña anchovies if I am not satisfied with the product?

How are Santoña anchovies packaged for shipping?

Are Santoña anchovies suitable for people with shellfish allergies?

Is there any offer or discount on the purchase of Santoña anchovies?

Can I buySantoña anchovies in large quantities?

Are Santoña anchovies sustainably caught?

Can I track my order of Santoña anchovies?

Are Santoña anchovies large or small in size?

Do Santoña anchovies come clean and ready to eat?

Answers to doubts about why buy Santoña anchovies at Anchoasdeluxe

1.The origin of Santoña anchovies is the town of Santoña in Cantabria, Spain. This area is famous for its fishing tradition and for producing high-quality anchovies.

2.To preserve Santoña anchovies after purchase, they must be refrigerated. Once the package is opened, it is advisable to consume them in a short period of time and keep them covered in oil to prevent drying out.

3.The expiration date of Santoña anchovies will vary according to the producer and the preservation method. Usually, this information will be clearly indicated on the product packaging.

4.Santoña anchovies commonly come in olive oil, although they can also be found in other types of oils or salted, depending on the manufacturer and the specific product.

5.The cost of shipping Santoña anchovies will depend on the supplying company, the amount of product to be shipped, and the distance of the shipment. It is best to consult directly with the supplier or store to obtain this information.

6.The delivery time for an order of Santoña anchovies will depend on the shipping service used and the distance to the delivery address. Some providers may offer fast shipping options for an additional cost.

7.The return policy may vary among different Santoña anchovy providers. Generally, because it is a food product, return options may be limited, but if the product does not meet expectations or has a problem, the seller should be contacted to know the available options.

8.Santoña anchovies are packaged for shipping in a way that preserves their quality. This includes the use of hermetic packaging, refrigeration when necessary, and protection against shocks and temperature changes.

9.Santoña anchovies, like any other type of fish, may not be suitable for people with seafood allergies. It is important to check the labels and consult with the manufacturer if specific allergen information is required.

10.Offers or discounts on the purchase of Santoña anchovies depend on the store or supplier. Some may offer volume discounts or special promotions at certain times of the year.

11.It is possible to buy Santoña anchovies in large quantities, especially if contacted directly with the producers or wholesale distributors.

12.Many producers of Santoña anchovies strive to use sustainable fishing methods. It is advisable to look for seals or certifications that guarantee responsible fishing practices.

13.Some suppliers offer the possibility to track the order of Santoña anchovies, especially for long-distance shipments or high-value orders.

14.The size of Santoña anchovies can vary. Some producers specialize in larger anchovies, while others may offer smaller sizes. This information is often specified on the packaging or in the product description.

15.Generally, Santoña anchovies come clean and ready to eat. They are cleaned and filleted before being packed, although some products may require additional preparation according to personal taste.

Buy anchovies of Santoña and quality is now much more comfortable and easy from our store, gourmet online, # 1 online with the best anchovies, the best variety and specialists in the sale of anchovies from over 10 years ago. Why buy?

• Anchovies of Santoña and Cantabria, all of them coming from the Cantabrian Sea.
• Fished in spring, the best quality that exists in the market.
• Productions limited, small family businesses of a great family tradition.
• Anchovies sobadas hand.
• The best service, refrigerated transport to take care in summer anchovies.
• Work directly with developers, anchovies, and fresh product guaranteed at the best price.

¿What is best anchovy?

We are in the best anchovies in the world. Not what we say, what the experts say and studies. Throughout our online shop you will not find another anchovy which is not of the bay of Biscay, the coast of spring, the best species of the sea that gives this vessel superior quality and, in the best time to get your splendid taste and texture.

All from small and medium sized businesses, productions limited but outstanding in quality, made in Santoña, the cradle of the best production of anchovy in the bay of Biscay and, therefore, of the best anchovies in the world.

Over the years, we have gone on selecting artisans and formats, we have put within the reach of all anchovies of producing very small, high quality artisan.

The moment the fishing is also very important. There are two coastal, coastal spring and winter. the According to studies, the best anchovy is from the bocarte of the coastal spring and that's why, anchovies of our preserves are made with this coastal, to get the maximum quality.

Here you can enjoy anchovies, handmade, small, large, and salted; all of them guaranteed by our selection before its sale. All of the highest quality, but each one with different nuances for its preparation, its salting, oil and the expert hands that produce every day.

Is the time to enjoy a good anchovy from Santoña, whatever your choice, is sure to enjoy an authentic product and with a lot of difference.

Now buy anchovies is easy, safe and fast. the fresh-brewed and straight from the factories.

¿That format is the most suitable?

To buy anchovies we must select the format that you need according to how we are going to consume them.

Octavillo of 50 gr with 8/9 fillets: is the most suitable if you're going to eat them alone or with another person.
Double octavillo of 95gr with 16 fillets approx.: in the case of share between 3-5 people.
Tambourines or extra large 12-14 anchovies: for meals of several diners or lovers of great steaks.

The recommendation of diners can vary depending on the use that he is going to give the anchovies, if you are going to be an appetizer, a main dish or they're going to be part of accompaniments.

you can Also buy anchovies by the brand, if you do not know any it is best to enjoy one or more to do a tasting, none will disappoint you. Each one has its nuances, but all of these anchovies are real jewels.

¿How to preserve the anchovy?

The anchovies should always be kept in the fridge until tasting. Once you want to enjoy these, the draw about 15-20 minutes prior to that at room temperature the oil and the salt to dissolve of your possible freezing because of the cold.

The anchovies must be opened and consumed in its entirety, the light and the air iran by removing the leftovers and will not be in the same conditions as the first.

Whenever possible, an anchovy is preserved and best presented in the format of a can, more expiration, best presented by its horizontal orientation, which at the time of it is best.

In the can does not affect neither the light, nor the air nor fumes that may be generated in a glass jar.

Benefits of anchovies

anchovies are rich in omega-3, which helps to decrease the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in plasma, and also increase the fluidity of the blood, preventing thrombus, and blood clots.

Rich in vitamins B2, B3, B6, B9 and B12, all of them with important functions. the fat-soluble Vitamins like A and D, contributing to the regeneration of skin and tissues, favoring the resistance to infection, and necessary for the development of the nervous system and night vision. Vitamin D helps the calcium levels in the blood and favors its absorption and fixation.

Also provide various minerals, magnesium and iodine.

Because eating well is rich, healthy and makes you feel good.

¿why Santoña?

The origin of the anchovies of Santoña was found to be associated to the italians, and in particular to a sicilian family.

This family came to Santoña in search of new fishing grounds, as his followers in Italy were running out. Each time were spending more time in the area and not only during the fishing season, so they ended up settling in Santoña and mounted a factory with the idea of starting to sell the anchovies directly clean and ready to taste, saving the clients the work of cleaning salting, mode in which it sold until then.

In this way, Santoña it ended up becoming one of the areas of more production in Europe and a benchmark of the anchovy fillets, becoming the way of life of its inhabitants.

How are made?

The bocarte comes to the cannery directly from the fish market. There is kept in brine between 3 and 5 hours for it to lose fluid and this way we get consistency. Once it acquires the desired consistency, is cleaned up partially and placing layers of bocarte, and salt in barrels, where it once filled with are closed and stored at room temperature for 7 or 8 months or for a year or more. This is something personal and different from each cannery, so it is a point that makes them differentiate from each other.

once out of the barrels is carried out the kneading by hand, a technique to clean the bocarte full. Separate, cut, remove the spines and are divided by sizes.

finally, they are placed in their containers and they are filled with refined olive oil, usually, for the flavor of the oil does not affect the flavor of the anchovy, and shut containers, leaving them prepared for your enjoyment.



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