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Baskets and Business Gifts

The difference between good and normal...

corporate Gifts with Artisan products, gourmet.

What is your need? Gifts elegant.

In anchoasdeluxe we have more than 6 years working with artisan products, preparations and traditional and gourmet products. Flavours with the highest quality, recognised brands and many by know, small producers with high quality.

All of this come together and we present it in company gifts elegant, different, delicious and surprising.


  • In anchoasdeluxe distinguish us to perform a complete job and professional, we take care of all the needs of your business and efficiently met deadlines for making your company gift is a double satisfaction, for your company and for your customers.

Looking for exclusivity and distinction?

In anchoasdeluxe we have prepared a team to satisfy and pleasantly surprise your customers, if what you need are a few personalized details, including your company logo in the boxes, or gifts, special packaging, custom cards, and this is our service deluxe.


  • We have the best products, handmade gourmet, only we strive for excellence with a custom layout and full.

To our great products we add, the best custom presentation tailored to your business needs, let us know what you need and we stick to it.

you Can call us at 942 500 440 or send us an email to

baskets gourmet company

we Customize gifts for events, incentives, baskets, christmas...

Some of the clients that have entrusted us

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Baskets and business gifts Do you want to give away something interesting, delicious, and elegant? AnchoasDeluxe is an ideal company to get your gifts for christmas or any other date in particular. For that reason, we have the best Baskets and corporate gifts, with your personal touch, our advice and a selection of the best products. Why buy with us? Where to buy? Before you begin to explain to you our best lots and baskets, let me do a little bit of convincing. If you do not know where to buy your next gift, without a doubt, you have to think about AnchoasDeluxe, a company 100 per cent of Spain and that it respects all the processes. Here I want you to leave our 6 reasons why you can purchase your gifts with us: 1.- We have years and years of experience in the sale of gourmet foods. We carry all the Baskets and business gifts, plus lots, at Christmas, to the door of your house. We have shipments in 24 hours for all Spain. Thousands of customers we are backed up both on the web and on our social networks. About This project was born with the idea of bringing the handmade products that we find coming to the corners where they are prepared, sometimes we think that we are near but we do not know of heaps of producers of quality, that produce their products by following the inherited tradition. 2.- Speaking of batches of christmas, we always do a market study to be able to offer you the best products of the area. Thanks to our work plan, we can give you the option to find a perfect gift with a balance between the quality and the price that you pay. There are for all budgets. 3.- In reality we don't ‘make’ baskets, or lots christmas. With all our general knowledge and our experience in the purchase of the internet, conjuntamos perfect gifts for everyone. That's why our orders are always different for each customer and each purchase. 4.- With our years and years of experience in the culinary world, we have managed to create our own network of deliveries for our baskets and business gifts. All of them well-designed for each of the purposes. 5.- Our prices are different for all kinds of people. We have Baskets very cheap, ideal for certain gifts or quick details. But we have some gifts for elite that far exceed the best expectations, which have everything needed for a gourmet dining experience complete. 6.- Our work is year-round. Not only do we put together the best baskets for Christmas or batches, as we work every week of the year, 365 days. We need for that corporate event that you have in the door, to the graduation of your child or the birthday of your boss. Simply contact us to give you attention completely custom. Our batches of Christmas to the extent As we discussed in the reasons to buy from us, we have the best batch of Christmas. We not only have those products which you can see in our catalog, because we have options fully to the extent. If you like anchovies, but want to add sweets, it is possible with our personalized attention. This is even more special at Christmas, because we all need the perfect gift to surprise our loved ones. In this season of 2019, we want to bring you a composition to your liking. We are happy to assist you. Lots of Christmas home Do not have time to find your gift? Time is gold, and to be able to have our lives, we have to work or study. Perhaps you don't have the time to choose the perfect gift, so you'll have news for you: we Can send you the Baskets and Gifts from companies to the door of your house, with shipping in just 24 hours from the confirmation of your payment. Our shipments are safe. We treat the packets as if they were our own, this for that bottle, the tin of anchovies or your sweet come up to your hands in a correct way. In addition, if you need cooling, we handle shipments one hundred percent refrigerated so that everything arrives without problem. Lots of Christmas delicatessen By the way, I want to say that our batch, baskets and gifts are made by products of the best companies in the market, ideal for the most demanding palates. In addition, we have a cupboard full of food and drink endemic to Cantabria, with some of the preparations made by our beloved producers. We have the best batch of Christmas for your business, And here we show it! Speaking of the holiday season 2019, we have the best baskets and business gifts, which will be within your budget, style, and type of palate. For that reason I want to show you why we say that we have the best batch of Christmas for your business: We have a wide variety of products, sizes and prices. For that reason, you will always find that gift that you have given over the years. Our products, both endemic and international, were chosen for their quality first. We work with the best brands and producers from all over Spain. We have gifts that are one hundred per cent sweet. Do you want to know the history of cuisine sweet in Spain? You may also be interested to know that in Cantabria make the best sweets of the national territory. Don't miss our nougat or polvorones. Now, if you want something purely salty, we have lots of cold cuts, such as the ham, the sausage, the cheese or the always delicious pate. Obviously with all the quality that characterizes us. Our Baskets and gifts for business are completely customizable to you. Choose from a wide variety of products from elite, ecological, sweets, and the best bottles with your favorite alcoholic beverage.



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