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Of Santoña to your house - Prices-of-Origin - free Shipping from 59€ In conservas Catalina you will find anchovies of the highest quality, crafted by hand in the factory in Santoña, Spain. Anchovies prepared with the bocarte of the bay of Biscay, the highest-quality of the coastal spring. Enjoy anchovies Quality at factory price with best service, and transportation. Anchovies winning multiple international awards such as the prestigious Great Taste.

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Showing 1 - 28 of 28 items

Conservas Catalina In Conservas Catalina have always done canned Cantabrian Anchovies, handmade and painstaking to a clientele reduced. But the quality of their products and production process, made each time they were requested. It is as well in Conservas Catalina some years ago they decided to remove to the market their products: Anchovies Cantábricas, pretty, demanding the same care and dedication that this until then. Their production is limited, but all of them have exceptional quality... hope you enjoy them. Conservas Catalina manufactures its products as traditionally done since the time of the italians in Santoña, fishing of coastal Cantabrian Anchovies in Salting and preparing to hand. What an excellent product! Santoña cradle of the best anchovies in the world. Santoña is a municipality in cantabria that is located in the bay of Santoña, about 48 km from Santander, the cantabrian capital. It is practically completely by the Cantabrian Sea, being a people of seafaring tradition. Due to the characteristics of its territory and sea, Santoña is consolidated as a reference for the world of anchovies. Were the italians the first to travel to Santoña for the capture and processing of anchovies of the highest quality. The best bocarte is the bocarte of the bay of biscay, so it has the best raw material, and in Santoña are made by hand, with love, care and delicacy as to have been developed during all the life, respecting the tradition, thus achieving the best anchovies in the world, the anchovies of Santoña. What is the difference between anchovy and boquerón? It is very easy to know the difference between an anchovy and boquerón. Both are made from bocarte, and differ in their way of development. The anchovy is the bocarte marinated in vinegar, with a stronger flavor, while the anchovy is the bocarte subjected to a process of salting. Preserves Catherine is a specialist in the preparation of anchovy, being some of the best anchovies of Santoña. Endorsed by food critics, with the securing of major international awards and of course for the customers. What is an anchovy 00? When speaking of anchovy 00, reference is made to the anchovy of larger size. Despite the fact that from 2018 not used this denomination to establish a measure of the anchovy, at the level of colloquial people are still calling it “00” to the anchovy large. This type of anchovy is difficult to obtain, since it gives a little and in small amounts. In anchovies Catherine have brought out an edition called “Reserve Catalina” for their 20th anniversary. This tin contains anchovy of larger size, you keep part of your skin, with a great taste. Furthermore, the format extra-large so-called high restoration also contains anchovies larger Canning Catherine. What is the format of anchovies Catalina is best? The choice on which format of anchovies Catalina buy is easier than it seems. It is true that Canning Catherine offers us a wide variety of formats, from the octavillo of 50 grams up to the tambourine of 250 gr, but the anchovy is the same in all its formats. That is to say, all the cans are prepared with anchovies from the cantabrian sea in Santoña, completely clean of thorns and raspas and in your point of salt. The difference between the formats, excluding the format high restoration of about 14 fillets of greater size, is the amount of fillets that make up each can. For a single person it is recommended that the octavillo, 50 gr., in the enter some 6-8 anchovies Catalina. If you are going to enjoy two people who like to eat quite the format of Conservas Catalina ideal is the double octavillo, 90 gr with 14/16 steaks, or the high restoration of the same amount of fillets but larger. These formats are recommended for 3 people or even 4 if it is as a small snack. For larger groups it is recommended that the formats tambourine (round tin) where you can choose between the 180 gr with 24/26 anchovy fillets Catalina and the can of 250 gr with 34/36 anchovies. How to store Anchovies Catalina? The Anchovies Catherine must be stored in the refrigerator. The anchovies from Santoña are a semi-preserve, so you need cold for its proper conservation. The main enemies of the anchovy are the heat, light and oxygen. To combat them it is recommended to follow the following steps: 1. Choose the formats in cans and not in glass jar. The tin can protects it from light, and achieves a greater expiration of the anchovy. 2. Open the format you are going to consume. Once you open the can it is advisable to finish it and not keep it open. Once you open the anchovies come in contact with oxygen and are lost properties gradually. Thus it is always better to choose the format that are going to consume, and if there is, you have to eat them within a few hours. 3. Keep them always in the refrigerator. The salt and oil can solidify in the cold so it is advisable to take them out of the refrigerator about 20 minutes before they go to enjoy, to dissolve the salt and the oil and the anchovies are at their peak at the time to enjoy them. What fish is the anchovy? The anchovy is not a fish, but that is an elaboration, that is to say, the anchovy results from the process of ripening and salting of bocarte. The bocarte is a blue fish. In Conservas Catalina is selected carefully bocarte, to get the best quality, coming from the cantabrian sea in the coastal spring. Think No more, Conservas Catalina offers some of the best anchovies Santoña, of first quality, comprehensive cleanup, in point of salt, and with great taste.

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