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Artisans - Traditional - from The workshop to home The best selection of sweets, with typical products from different places of Spain, from sobaos pasiegos up jams, going through pasta, honey, christmas cakes, chocolates... the best selection of artisan candy from small bakeries.

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Showing 1 - 48 of 138 items

What can I find

In our section sweet you can find a large variety from chocolates, jams, honey, or until the sweet handmade home most representative from Cantabria and various corners of Spain. All drawn with the utmost delicacy to make these traditional sweets homemade product delicacies for the palates with a sweet tooth.

We stock traditional sweets such as are the Ties Unquera, the famous alciturrianos Santander, sobaos and quesada pasiega, handmade chocolates made with the best cocoa of Panama, chocolates of different flavors and extraordinary made in a small workshop, pasta, butter, honey blossom, Heather honey (awarded with the prize "Great Taste"), jam from the banks of the Guadalquivir river, the best christmas sweets of the hand of the workshop Monerris, a benchmark, and a myriad of magnificent traditional sweets of superb makers at your fingertips.

These desserts come from the valleys most traditional and oldest of the many corners of Spain where the tradition over the years has maintained a delicious products produced are always of the most typical and traditional for those who know the secret to a good dessert. This type of traditional development work to achieve the greatest delicacy of the product.

How to buy Handmade Sweets

The desserts artisanal and sweets that you can buy in our online shop gourmet, with the maximum guarantee and quality, are made with the best raw material, all of them with a lower exposure to preservatives, and chemicals, desserts and sweets made in the town and therefore are of quality and with all the flavor.

you Can purchase them in our online store with the maximum guarantee of safety, and always with the best quality and price for you. the you Can buy online these homemade desserts with the greatest of ease and speed, or by telephone and have your order where you choose in a maximum of 48/72 hours

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