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Anchovies of 90 Grams Approx 


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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items

In this category of the online shop is made to organize the cans by their weight, among which are 90 grams, we always refer to the double octavillos, one of the cans smaller and where you include the anchovies smaller, since the extent of the anchovy corresponds to the length of the can. The difference with the octavillo is that in the 90 grs enters the double, hence the name of double octavillo. Be the anchovies of the same quality both in the octavillo as in all the available formats. Between the cans of 90 grams you can choose between all the great brands crafts that we present. Cans appropriate to open and finish, which is recommended for this product of such quality, as air and light do its little havoc in the oxidation, and if we keep them a long time open will lose their color, elasticity and taste. This tin of anchovies is recommended for 2-4 people, now is the time to begin to enjoy a great safe choice.

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