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Caviar Russian Style 

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items
Caviar of Riofrío Russian Style, our new development is based on the purest Russian tradition used since the time of the czars and applied by our experts with the right point of salt (Style Malossol) to preserve the purity and quality of the caviar cooler. It is the authentic fresh caviar that ate the Czars.The sturgeon “Acipenser naccarií”, a species almost extinct, that we have managed to recover in captivity,is a living fossil, 250 million years old; slow growth, whose caviar, we extract, on average, after 18 years of breeding, is full of nuances of flavor and color. Caviar luxury valued in countries such as Russia, Japan, Finland, and restaurants all over Europe, now buy the best caviar with the greatest assurance and quality online.

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