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The extra virgin olive oil is one of the condiments most recommended for its benefits. Then, a little bit of information. Elaboration of the extra virgin olive oil To develop an extra virgin olive oil, it is a process very similar to that of olive oil regular. In addition, you can prepare it manually or fully automated. This is a summary of the steps: Collection: the first thing you should do is to collect, manually or automatically, the fruits, while avoiding to touch the floor. The traditional method is by using the vareo, which is shaking the branches to fall olives. Reception: when you have the fruit, what there is to do is to classify the olive tree to get the best quality. Here enter factors such as maturation or your state. Are cleaned, weighed and stored. Molinado: without having past 24 hours, you have molinar the olive tree to get the liquid part, which is the fat. You have to separate everything else and just get the lipid. Filtration: the oil has to be filtered to separate the liquid part from the solid. In addition, here you start to get better oils. Classification: through a tasting, start to classify and store the oils. If you have less than .8% acidity, and has a good taste, it is considered extra virgin. Different types of extra virgin olive oil Olive oil in general has three types of oils are one hundred percent natural: Extra virgin olive oil, which is of a higher quality, with less acidity and a smell good enough to Virgin olive: with up to 2% acidity degrees, begins to have defects in its taste Virgin olive oil lampant: it is much more acid and can have unpleasant odors. Is not for consumption. Areas of cultivation of extra virgin olive oil Olives, fruits necessary for this type of oils, are grown in various countries of Europe. The tradition indicates that Greece and Italy are the major producers of this fat. Spain and France are next, with some vineyards of great quality and products that have been exported. The producing zones can be fully natural or with machinery. The taste if you are affected by this, so we recommend always testing products one hundred percent handmade. Benefits of extra virgin olive oil The best thing is that the extra virgin olive oil has many benefits within your consumption: Relieves muscle and joint aches, by your content of oleocantal, covers the role of anti-inflammatory. Due to its high oleic acid content, there are numerous studies that demonstrate that people that consume this component, have less incidence of cancer. It is rich in antioxidants which help strengthen the immune system. Decreases the blood pressure. It eliminates the bad cholesterol, thanks to the monounsaturated fats. In addition, it reduces the frizz of the hair. Forget about the acondicionares chemical, with a little bit of this oil will get to fight the frizz of your hair. It is also a great ally against aging of the skin and protect it from the rays harmful to our skin.

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