Extra Virgin Olive oil Cortijo de Suerte Alta Organic


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Extra Virgin Olive oil Cortijo de Suerte Alta Organic, 500 ml. What do we find in this product? We present you with a Extra Virgin Olive Oil of superior category. Obtained directly from arbequina olives and only using mechanical procedures. Collected at veraison, November, when the fruit takes on the color of the bottle and the highest quality. It has a high content in natural antioxidants, which make it especially good for the health and your stability. Medium intensity with soft notes to chlorophylls, both leaf-like herb. Very harmonious on the palate and evolves in a persistent manner towards almonds mature. Family-owned The Cortijo of High Luck is a family-run property situated on the right bank of the river Guadajoz near the village of Albendín, municipality of Baena, Cordoba, in the centre of Andalusia, south of Spain. In 1924 the marquis of Bedmar launched the transformation in olive groves of the farm, previously destined for pasture, and cereal. The planting was carried out with trees of three feet, located in chessboard order, to 13 metres away and a density of 75 trees / hectare. The olive groves of the traditional area of Baena, billfish, hojiblancos and picuales, were planted interspersed, as was the custom of the time, to encourage pollination and to control the 'vecería'. The olives from the farms of the family molturaba in the mill located in the village of work of the finca's own farm and another mill of the family in the neighbouring Goat. The current owner, marquis of Prado, grandson of the preceding, was in charge from 1986 of High Luck. You have completed the plantation of olive grove with trees of a foot to a framework of 7x7 metres, with an average density of 205 trees / hectare. In 1996 starts the conversion of the farm to the Organic Cultivation under the control of the C. A. A. E. and start the work of transformation into irrigation of the olive grove. Currently High Luck devotes an extension of 255 hectares of olive grove, 80% traditional olive grove with an average annual production of 250,000 Kg of oil. Properties: Eating well is, rich, healthy, and makes you feel good and happy Olive oil contains properties with numerous benefits for health and beauty, both very related. Oils olive oil is the richest in oleic acid, monosaturated fat does, with a beneficial effect on cholesterol. It is a perfect protector of cardiovascular natural. It has been proven that consuming olive oil reviene cell death, as it has from its antioxidant components and of all oils of the Picual variety has the highest content of the same. Due to its contents of oleocantal, the olive oil has an anti-inflammatory action that might help to reduce aches and pains associated with joints and muscles. A recent study found that people who consume olive oil frequently in your diet have less incidence of cancer. This important effect might be related to its high content of oleic acid, which is the fatty acid predominant in this food. The olive oil is able to reduce the cases of type II diabetes by up to 50%

Data sheet
DevelopmentCold extraction
OilOrganic extra virgin olive
FormatGlass jar
Net Weight500 ml
SourceBaena, Spain
Protected designation of originBaena
TypePicual in veraison

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