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Cockles Within our wide range of canned food from the sea, we have Cockles, mollusks, delicious and nutritious. Search for the best options will allow you to do some of the many recipes available on the internet, but if it is more than necessary to buy crafts and high quality of Galicia, clean, and tasty, as we have in AnchoasDeluxe. Catch the Cockle in Spain It is a species quite resistant, since it supports water at high temperature sites contaminated with heavy metals and even places that are not favorable for reproduction. In fact, we have seen in the beds of the estuaries, where you capture many nutrients. Are animals very numerous on the shores of our atlantic ocean. The species is present from Norway and down the west coast of Africa, almost any beach is ideal for its growth and reproduction. These small animals live buried in the fine sand of the beaches, so your fishing is easy and the animal is not mistreated. In Spain it is also found in almost all the Mediterranean sea and of course Galicia and northern Spain. Any month is ideal for fishing. There are only problems to find it during June, July and August. Your sale is virtually every year, since there is no problem with your playback guaranteed. In our country the communities are in charge to catch them using the traditional method, that is with a net and buckets. Cockles Properties Cockles preserved are one of the most nutritious foods there is. Here's a summary of their properties: 16 grams of protein Low-fat Omega 4 Calcium Iron Zinc Sodium Potassium Vitamins A, B3, B9, B12 and E For that reason, it is important to buy artisan products and with a better preserved, so that you'll be able to get all the nutrients. In AnchoasDeluxe we sell only the best, and our products were made by careful hand.



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