Natural Cockles from the Galician Rías 30/40 pieces 111gr, Del Ponto


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One of the largest delicatessens that the Galician coast offers us, tasty natural cockles 30/40 pieces Del Ponto

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Natural Cockles from the Galician Rías 30/40 pieces 111 grs, Del Ponto

What do we find in this can of Natural Cockles 30/40 pieces, Del Ponto?

If there is something that especially characterizes Galicia, it is, in addition to its incredible landscapes, its wonderful products .

These cockles are the perfect representation of this since, coming from the Galician Rías, they have a deep flavor that will linger on our palates and will make our snacks the most select table .

As they are in their own juice , they are perfect both to eat directly and to add to one of our recipes.

Canned Pontus

Conservas Del Ponto was born with the clear philosophy of betting on a good product , on a product of ours, an artisan product, made with ingredients of the highest quality and following traditional and artisan production processes.

Sharing our passion for work and the authentic taste of artisan products made with love and quality is our mission. Gourmet products that we care for, pamper and in which we maximize quality standards that mark a before and after.

We carefully select our products , from the origin, processes and elaboration if the product entails it, to always offer the best selection of Gourmet Products.

Our goal is to put the value of the Gastronomy of our country at the top. Show the world our great wealth of Gourmet Artisan Products.

More than 30 years in the canning sector is what allows us to be experts in the field and what contributes to a better understanding of good products. This is the time to put them in the position they deserve.

Cockles Properties

  • Cockles are a food with a high iron content, which makes them a perfect ally to combat diseases such as anemia.
  • They are also an important contributor to the good condition of our bones and teeth as they provide us with calcium and phosphorus.
  • Along with phosphorus, cockles have the presence of potassium and selenium, which promote proper blood circulation, preventing cardiovascular problems.
  • It is an ideal food for light diets since it has a great contribution of proteins and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Although it is one of its lesser-known values, cockles are beneficial for relieving menstrual pain.


Cockles ( molluscs ), water and salt.

Nutritional values

Energetic value291kj / 69kcal
of which saturates0.7g
of which sugars<0.5g
Data sheet
DevelopmentCooked in their own juice
Net Weight111 grs
Weight Drained63 grams
SourceCambados, Spain

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