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Canned Solano Arriola 

Of Santoña to your house - Prices-of-Origin - free Shipping from 59€ Canned Solano Arriola produces anchovy high quality with bocarte of the bay of biscay to the coast of spring, the best quality. Some of the best anchovies that you can find at factory price.

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Canned Solano Arriola

Canned Solano Arriola Santoña (Cantabria), Spain, is a family-owned company, with national and international projection. Since its founding in 1990 have maintained the highest standards of quality in their products Anchovies Beautiful in the North, and Tuna.

throughout all these years have had only one goal: to preserve the best tradition of canning and give out the best quality Anchovy Santoñ.

Their products, Anchovies, white tuna and Anchovy, are prepared always fresh, selecting the best raw material as it enters the port. Their quality and excellence has been internationally recognized in 2008 with the Award of Aurum for the best developer in europe.

The anchovies Solano Arriola are recognized throughout the national territory thanks to its quality and preparation, a pleasure for the palates more gourmet.

Santoña, the cradle of the best anchovies in the world.

Santoña is a municipality Spanish located around 48 km away from the capital, Santander. Surrounded by the bay of Santoña, and the beaches of Berria and San Martín is surrounded almost entirely by the cantabrian sea.

Due to the characteristics of the cantabrian sea, which provides the bocarte of better quality, and to the possibilities of Santoña, the first conserveros moved here to develop the best anchovies of the world, placing Santoña as the reference point in the development of anchovies.

there is No doubt that the best bocarte and the best anchovies are prepared in Santoña, in an artisanal way, respecting the tradition, and with the bocarte of the bay of biscay fish in the coastal of spring.

What is the difference between anchovy and boquerón?

do Not know the difference between an anchovy and boquerón? it Is much more easy than it seems. The difference between the anchovy and the anchovy is their way of development. The two come from the bocarte, however when the bocarte is subjected to the process of salting and curing, we obtain the anchovies Solano Arriola, whereas when it is treated with vinegar to get the anchovy, the flavor more strong.

Canned Solano Arriola is one of the best canning of Santoña in the preparation of anchovy from Santoña.

What is an anchovy 00?

speaking of anchovy 00 what you want is a anchovy of larger size the usual. Although the as 00 does not exist as such, it is the form that has been adopted colloquially for it to be called.

If you like the anchovy of larger size in Canned Solano buy the can high restoration it will be a success. Contains a 12/14 fillets to something more large.

What is the format of anchovies Solano Arriola is better?

there is a format of Canned Solano Arriola better than another, all of the formats will contain the anchovy of the same quality, always anchovies from the bocarte of the bay of biscay captured in the coastal spring, and prepared traditionally. The number of people who are going to enjoy the tin can is a factor to be taken into account to decide for one or the other format.

The smaller format is the 50 gr that contains some 7/8 fillets, recommended for 1 person, or 2 who want to eat a little.

If it is 2 or 3 persons are recommended formats double octavillo, 90 gr and 18/19 steaks, and the high restoration, 120 gr and 12/14 fillets of larger size.

finally, for someone more or for 3 that like to eat more anchovies, canned Solano Arriola offers us the format tambourine 180 gr with a 24/28 anchovies of Santoña

Decides that anchovies Canned Solano Arriola to buy depending on the people who are going to enjoy, and be a perfect dining experience.

How to store Anchovies Solano Arriola?

very important to know that anchovies are a semi-preserve, which means that they have to be in the refrigerator to keep their properties and their quality.

anchovies Solano Arriola you can see affected by light, heat and oxygen. To avoid this, follow a few very simple steps.

1. to keep them always in the fridge, it is a semi-preserve, and they need to be in cold, at a temperature of between 5 and 12 degrees.

2. Canned Solano Arriola bet for the formats in a tin, as this prevents the light and the vapor that is generated by the glass, affecting the anchovies. In addition to canned anchovies have a higher expiration time. In this way we fight the light.

3. it Is highly recommended to open the format of anchovies that are going to consume it, so that there is no need to re-save the anchovies, because when they are in contact with oxygen they lose quality, and will not know as good as what they eat when the can is opened.

To their correct tasting there are remove the tin from the refrigerator about 20 minutes before you go to eat, that when cold the oil and the salt will solidify, and that is the reason for having the tin at room temperature a few minutes for it to dissolve and be able to enjoy all the flavor of the anchovies Solano Arriola.

What type of fish is the anchovy?

The anchovy is not a fish itself, but rather is the result of the development of bocarte. The bocarte is a fish blue.

Buy Canned Solano Arriola will never leave you indifferent, its great quality and taste never cease to surprise you.

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