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Canned food Rueda

Of Santoña to your house - Prices-of-Origin - free Shipping from 59€ Conservas Rueda is a small family business that produces anchovies from Santoña with bocarte of the bay of biscay to the coast of spring, the better. Enjoy your anchovies direct from Santoña at unbeatable prices.

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1 Can of Anchovies from Santoña HIGH RESTORATION, Mingo 1 Can of Anchovies from Santoña in Olive HIGH RESTORATION 120gr, El Faro del Pescador 1 Can of Anchovies from Santoña HIGH RESTORATION 11/12, La Capitana 1 Can...
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Conservas Rueda

Canned food Wheel is a small family business that has dedicated their whole life to the development of artisan Anchovy from the Cantabrian sea with a lot of effort from the first day. The company started with two women, and gradually, after a few years there have been a template more.

With only a year on the market, in 1998, he won his first award, the recognition to the best Anchovies from the Cantabrian sea made by hand, through a blind tasting held at the first “Fair of the Anchovy” of Santoña.

Are made by hand using the kneading by hand which is to withdraw with networks in the skin of each fish were extracted from the salting, one-to-one. This will maintain all of the properties and characteristics of the raw material, before its filleted manual.

In Conservas Rueda we found a anchovy matured in salting for longer than 12 months, which gives its flavor and color more characteristic of the lower-time.

Santoña, the cradle of the best anchovies in the world.

Santoña is a town of great seafaring tradition and anchoera, located in Cantabria, about 40 minutes from Santander, the capital. It is surrounded by the cantabrian sea almost completely, offering great possibilities for fishing.

Were the italians who came to Santoña attracted by the bocarte of the bay of biscay, the specimens of higher quality, and began to establish factories for the development of the anchovy fillets. Ranking as a reference for the anchovies.

Here through the best raw materials are made the best anchovies, following the tradition and techniques of craftsmen.

What is the difference between anchovy and boquerón?

Differentiate between anchovy and anchovy is an easy task, you just have to know a small detail and will help you to get to know you.

Both come from the bocarte, in this case the bocarte of the bay of biscay, and following the development of bocarte is where we get the anchovy or anchovy. If the bocarte is marinated in vinegar and oil, the result is the anchovy, of a whitish colour and a strong taste. Whereas, if the bocarte is subjected to a process of salting and maturing, we get a few steaks reddish brown, which we know as anchovies.

canned Wheel are clear, and his specialty is the anchovies of Santoña.

What is an anchovy 00?

When speaking of anchovy 00, they are talking about anchovy of larger size. Although it is not a unit of measure set has continued to spread in this way to denote the anchovies large.

This type of anchovy is scarce and it is difficult to get.

Canned Wheel in your format of high restoration offers 10 anchovy fillets of size larger than usual.

What is the format of anchovies Wheel is better?

Deciding between the formats of anchovies Wheel is easy, it will not take you much time. is The quality of the anchovies is the same, is prepared in the same manner and with the same feedstock so that in any of the formats you will find some anchovies of great taste and quality.

In this case, both the octavillo how can high restoration is recommended for 1 or 2 people. Since they have 8/9 and to 10 anchovies respectively. The fillets of the can high restoration are of a size somewhat larger than that of the octavillo, therefore if you prefer a width a little bigger is better to lean towards this format, while if you prefer the size, as usual, octavillo is the perfect format.

How to store Anchovies Wheel?

Anchovies Wheel are a semi-preserve, it means that it should be kept in the refrigerator. The anchovies can be affected by light, heat, and air. To avoid this, it is important to follow the following steps: store them in the refrigerator, where you can not see affected by the heat. To be in the cold, the salt and the oil tend to solidify, so it is advisable to take them out 20 minutes before they go to consume for it to dissolve and can be enjoyed at its best. Open the format that is going to consume it. once open, the air affects the anchovies and they lose quality gradually, so they don't have the same flavor if left for a few days. That is why it is recommended to finish them when they open, or in a short time. If you are going to save, always in the refrigerator.

3.The format in tin protected from light and fumes that can be created in the glass jars. That's why Canned Wheel bet by the formats in a tin, where they will get a better presentation and a greater expiration.



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