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Canned food Zallo

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Conservas Zallo is a company's cannery located in Bermeo, Basque Country. A cannery tradition since 1926 developed the best anchovies thanks to the experience and the proximity to the coast of the Cantabrian sea, that sea that offers the best bocarte in the world and at conservas Zallo selection in these semi-canned anchovy the best for a premium edition.

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Conservas Zallo

Conservas Zallo is a family company with large tradition in the world of the anchovy, created in the year 1926. The company has been growing and changing a generation for all these years, and it was in 1979 when it adopted this name.

it Is located in Bermeo, Vizcaya, a place with great tradition marina, and it is this location that allows you to develop anchovy of the highest quality, thanks to the cantabrian sea, in the which is the best raw material, the bocarte of the bay of biscay.

Although they do adapt to innovations such as utensils, passing from wood to stainless steel, your way of preparation has not changed with the passing of the years. Remains a handmade, following the tradition, paying detail to each fillet is cleaned and prepared individually.

The best anchovies in the world

Santoña is a municipality located in Cantabria, 40 minutes from the capital, Santander. It is surrounded almost entirely by the cantabrian sea, which provides a ideal conditions for fishing quality.

Due to this, at the end of the NINETEENTH century many Italian families decided to settle there, attracted by the quality bocarte of the bay of biscay. Had come out of Italy in search of fishing quality, as in its coast no longer had, and they found it in bay of biscay, so that little by little they were moving to Santoña and establishing there their factories.

in Addition in Santoña, which were established in coastal towns of the cantabrian coast, with emphasis on the border of Cantabria and the Basque Country. One of these places is Bermeo, of great seafaring tradition. In this charming village we can find Conservas Zallo.

What is the difference between the anchovy and the anchovy?

Differentiate between the anchovy and the anchovy is easy, you just have to have a clear concept. Both the anchovy as anchovy from the bocarte, therefore, in which they differ is in the way of the development.

If the bocarte is made in salting leaving it to ripen in the result is the anchovy, reddish brown in color, while if the bocarte is marinated with vinegar and oil, we obtain the anchovy, of a whitish colour and a strong taste.

What is an anchovy 00?

it Is known as anchovy 00 at the anchovy of a larger size, being limited by their scarcity. This term has been using it among the people, though formally it is not a unit of measure.

conservas Zallo, can be found in anchovies of high restoration Premium anchovies larger-than-usual. 12 fillets great taste and size to enjoy a great delicacy.

What is the format of Anchovies Zallo is better?

do you Have doubts about which format to choose? In any of its formats are anchovies of the best quality, made with bocarte of the bay of biscay to the coast of spring in the traditional way. The difference between the formats is the amount of fillets we find in every one of them, and therefore, the number of people recommended for enjoy it.

we Found the can of 85 g with 12 steaks. This tin contains 12 fillets size as usual, which is recommended for 1 or 2 persons.

anchovies high restoration Premium are a few anchovies of a size larger than usual, and in these cans we found 12 fillets of greater size. Recommended for 1 or 2 persons.

finally, there is the format 170 grams with 26 fillets size usual. Perfect for appetizers that we enjoyed with more people.

In all its formats, which indicates that they are low-salt. Anchovies of the highest quality.

How to store Anchovies Zallo?

anchovies Zallo should always be kept in the fridge, between 5 and 12 degrees approximately. This is because the anchovies are a semi-preserve, and therefore need cold for its proper conservation.

The format in tin ensures that it will not affect the light or the vapor that can affect the glass jars, and in addition due to its horizontal position to its expiration date is greater than that of the jars.

How to enjoy Anchovies Zallo?

To enjoy the anchovies at its best, it is recommended to remove the tin from the refrigerator about 20 minutes before and leave it to temper, so that the salt and the oil are dissolved completely and its tasting better.

Enjoy the selection Premium conservas Zallo. Great taste and quality.



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