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Of Santoña to your house - Prices-of-Origin - 

Preserves the Edge of the Sea you will find a few anchovies made by hand by a marriage. Small productions to take care of the development with bocarte of the bay of biscay to the coast of spring, the best quality, at factory prices. A great little unknown with a big relation quality-price.

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Balanza 120 grams
Balanza 115 grams
€76.65 (tax incl.)
1 Can of Santoña Premium Anchovies in Ecological Butter High Restoration, Del Ponto 1 Can of Anchovies from Santoña HIGH RESTORATION 120gr, At the Edge of the Sea 1 Can of Anchovies from Santoña HIGH RESTORATION Gold...
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Preserves the Edge of the Sea With several years of experience and tradition, Preserves to The Edge of the Sea, brings us the best anchovies, made with bocarte of the coastal spring, that is to say that it is the best raw material that exists, proven by scientific studies. The bocarte of the bay of Biscay fish at this time has all the taste which then will transmit after you pass the barrel 6 to 8 months to mature. Once past this time, is applicable to hand-crafting, cleaning meticulously fillet to fillet. It is a product almost limited by their low amount of production, developed by a marriage that way this cannery. They perform all their elaboration, with a lot of dedication and care, from the cleaning of fillets, the detailed controls that are carried out on the anchovies giving the highest possible quality down to the packaging of the same. From the sea to your home! What is the difference between anchovy and boquerón? Do you want to know how to differentiate the anchovy anchovy? It is very easy, after this clarification you will see that there is no doubt. Both the anchovy as anchovy are the result of the development of bocarte. Once you capture the bocarte this can be prepared in different ways. If it is produced in salted and left to mature, the result is an anchovy, reddish-brown, while navy in vinegar and oil gets the anchovy, of a whitish color and stronger flavor. Preserves the Edge of the Sea are specialists in anchovies, made with bocarte of the bay of biscay, the best quality. What is an anchovy 00? The term anchovy 00 is used between people to refer to the anchovy of larger size. This term is not a measure established, and it is not used between the conserveros, that to speak of the size of the anchovy do it in grams. The anchovy large is hard to get because it is scarce and there are limited units. Preserves the Edge of the Sea the format of high restoration contains anchovies larger-than-usual. Composed by 13/14 anchovy fillets prepared with bocarte of the bay of biscay. Great quality and taste What is the format of anchovies At the Edge of the Sea is better? Preserves the Edge of the Sea offers us several options to enjoy your anchovies. In all of them the quality of the anchovy is the same, what differ is in the amount of fillets that can be found in each of them. Therefore it is recommended to choose in function of the people who are going to enjoy this delicacy. The octavillo is the smaller can, which is recommended for 1 person as it contains 8/9 anchovies. THE format high restoration, with anchovy largest and 13/14 anchovies is recommended for 1 or 2 people. For a greater number of people find the tambourine 180 gr, with 22/25 anchovy fillets approximately. Knowing the amount of each format, and knowing the number of guests it is easy to decide which format to choose to be able to enjoy the anchovies to The Edge of the Sea. How to store Anchovies to The Edge of the Sea? The main enemies of the anchovies are light, heat, and the air, therefore in order to avoid affected by these situations it is advisable to follow certain tips. The anchovy is a semi-preserve, and therefore in need of a cold storage, this prevents that are affected by the heat and can salarse. That's why you always have to keep them cold. To avoid affecting the air it is recommended to consume the cans as full as at the moment it's open they come in contact with the air and lose quality gradually, so if you do not stop at the moment of opening it is recommended to finish them as soon as possible and not to have them open for several days. Always be extra and have them do it always in the fridge. To avoid affecting the light it is best to format in the tin, this way you will achieve a better presentation, greater expiry and not affecting the light or the vapor that may originate in the glass jars. Preserves the Edge of the Sea bet by the format in can for a better presentation of their anchovies. How to enjoy Anchovies on The Edge of the Sea? To enjoy the anchovies must remove the tin from the refrigerator about 20 minutes before you are going to consume it, so that the salt and the oil are completely dissolved (will solidify when cold) and being able to enjoy their full flavor. Preserves the Edge of the Sea offers anchovies for great quality at a very good price. Test this small canning company and let yourself be surprised.



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