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Canned food La Capitana

Anchoas La Capitana is a cannery located in Laredo, Cantabria next to the bay of Santoña with a canning tradition of more than 100 years. In this range of products you will find the best quality and the most demanding standards. From Conservas La Capitana we offer you these perfectly clean and high quality Cantabrian anchovies, selected among the most outstanding to obtain a gastronomic experience. Also available in gift boxes.

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Anchovies Premium Series-Numbered to 50 grams, Of Pontus Anchovies Premium Series-Numbered to 50 grams, Of Pontus Anchovies Premium Series-Numbered to 50 grams, Of Pontus
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Balanza 50 grams
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The Cantabrian Anchovies 50 grs La Capitana are the result of a totally traditional and traditional production which is transferred to a product of the highest quality, cleaning one by one with the master filleters...
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Anchovies The Captain, the art of making anchovies The history of anchovies La Capitana is located in the beautiful coastal town of Laredo in Cantabria, in the heart of the bay of Santoña, where the sea Cantabrico provides his bravery and the anchovy is a product of devotion and work of its people. Conservera del Cantabrico is a family-owned company with a long history, anchovies and The Captain is your way of offering to the most demanding customers the best product on the market, anchovies Premium. With the influence of the Italian left in Cantabria learned how to develop the best anchovies and in this magnificent presentation will convey the quality that is found under this caviar of the cantabrian sea. The best anchovies in the world. Your story Pilarín and Ramonín are the children of the post-war, of hunger and need. His story is the story of overcoming, the effort and the boldness needed to face the many setbacks presented in their way. Pilar worked in a cannery and was a “hand-up” highlighted in your work, descabezando and packing not in vain had the best teacher, his mother. Ramon was doomed to be a fisherman, like his father and his brother, but he wanted something more. He had to leave the studies and learn a trade. As newlyweds, when they reached the ships with the bocarte (anchovy fresh) Ramon ran swiftly to the port, where a boat was picking up from the sea the fish are falling to anglers in the download for sale. With the loot on his way to the tunnel, where, at the exit of the canning, he hoped Pillar. There put it in brine, descabezando, salaban and made litters to fill the barrels. Barrels that are subsequently sold to the cannery. Hopefully a snack and back home. Thus it all began. What came after, will be another story Discover the Taste of Anchovies Captain Authentic anchovies from the cantabrico that following the traditional methods of the preserved salted for more than 100 years of work continues to be developed equally, fulfilling that if the best quality standards to offer a anchovy from cantabrico in olive oil of the best in the market. Anchovies del Cantabrico, The Captain Anchovies del cantabrico in olive oil fished in the north, proud of its origins, cantabrico, the bay of Santoña, Laredo and the special loving care with which they prepared each anchovy fillet. Our goal is to fulfill the highest quality for a product that we consider a delicacy, it is offered to us by nature is your best moment so let's take care of meticulously to be able to offer it in its best version. Anchovies The Captain and their formats We have developed several formats to meet the most demanding of palates for this purpose we have: 50 grams - octavillo, the smaller can the ideal format for consuming at any time. 8/9 fillets 120 grams - Anchovy High restoration, the larger selected for its size and for its scarcity, a format serving 12-14 fillets. 180 grs - Anchovies in tambourine, round tin same quality and such a normal and a lot more amount of anchovy, which makes them little to eat a couple of anchovies. We also have available attractive gift pack of anchovies in different formats, all very elegant to surprise the lovers of the good gastronomy.



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