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Natural razor clams from the Galician estuaries 6 / 8,125 grs


The razor is a bivalve mollusk of great gastronomic quality . Its name refers to the structure of its valves or shells, similar to the blade of a razor. Their shells show a rectangular, elongated and somewhat curved shape with a very fine and fragile striated surface, with a size that ranges between 7 and 20 cm. The dorsal and ventral margins of the leaflets close, curving slightly inwards, leaving the ends open. It has a powerful muscular foot that it uses to move around and dig the tunnels where it lives.

Its predominant shades are white and light brown, also presenting spots of colors as diverse as dark brown, reddish, purple or brown. It spends most of its time buried in the sand in an upright position.

Razor clams, like other bivalve mollusks, contain very little fat. They are a modest source of vitamins of group B, A and D. It also stands out for its contribution of minerals such as iron and sodium.

The Ana María canning company is a family business created in 1997 in Santoña. Its production is focused on the artisanal manufacture of Cantabrian anchovies having tradition and quality as a symbol, selecting the best specimens from the best fishing grounds.

Currently they have expanded and have broadened their offer with another range of products, such as canned tuna from the north, belly ... finding a wide and careful selection from the sea, having positioned itself as a national benchmark canning company.


Razors, water and salt.

Data sheet
Location of the cannerySantoña (Cantabria) Spain
Net Weight115 grams
Weight Drained69 grams
SourceCantabrian Sea

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