Onions stuffed with tuna, 420 grams


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Onions stuffed with beautiful, handmade, can, 420 grams What do we find in this product? The onions stuffed with bonito is a traditional dish in asturias that board two products of great quality as are the onions, the greater quality from the area, and the beautiful, one of the fish with more flavor coming from the cantabrian sea to ensure its highest quality. A delicious dish that once again whisks us to the local asturian cuisine with that special taste that they have the home-made dishes. Main features: Onions of first quality with exceptional taste. Bonito from the cantabrian sea, with all its flavor and quality. Handmade with the best raw material. The highest quality of its ingredients. Without additives. The onions stuffed with bonito served for inbound and share or as a main dish and enjoy it individually. There is only that heat to a simmer, and serve to be able to enjoy their wonderful taste. Benefits of onions for health The onion is a food of great nutritional value that provides beneficial properties for our organism: Has properties antianémicas, providing phosphorus, vitamin E and iron that prevents anemia and helps to replenish the loss of blood. Improves circulation and helps to lower the cholesterol in the blood. Relieves respiratory diseases, due to its high contribution of vitamins A and C, as the common cold or asthma. It has cleansing and diuretic properties, prevents the retention of liquids. Controls hypertension and improves the functioning of the nervous system. `More than 50 years of dedication Conservas Agromar is a company with a long tradition, which began more than 50 years ago, with the aim of providing the best gourmet products canned and pre-cooked meals. Their constant innovation and their adaptability to the needs of each moment offering a greater variety to cater to a larger segment is what has made that are positioned on the gourmet market with artisan products and to transfer the local asturian cuisine to all the places. Ingredients Onions 50%, nice 15%, tomato, olive oil, pepper, white wine, garlic, parsley and salt.

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