Peppers of the Piquillo fillings of Crab, 280 grs


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Peppers stuffed with spider Crab, canned 280 g What do we find in this product? The peppers stuffed with crab are a delicious delicacy elaborated with the best raw materials, selecting the best peppers, and with the spider crabs of the highest quality from the cantabrian sea. The exquisite texture of the peppers along with the exceptional flavor of the crab to create a union that is excellent, both for its taste as for its quality. Main features: Peppers of the first quality with a texture and exceptional flavor. Spider crabs of the bay of biscay, with all its flavor and quality. Handmade with the best raw material. The highest quality of its ingredients. Without additives. The peppers stuffed with crab are a dish prepared to enjoy a delicacy of a simple and comfortable. Benefits of the piquillo peppers. The peppers of the piquillo pepper is a food of great nutritional value that provides beneficial properties for our organism: Its main component is water, so it provides a low density of calories, be low in fat and protein. Prevents the onset of degenerative diseases and chronic contain vitamin A and vitamins of the B2 group. Has a high content of vitamin C and B6 which are essential for the central nervous system and to the part of the brain. "More than 50 years of dedication" Conservas Agromar is a company with a long tradition, which began more than 50 years ago, with the aim of providing the best gourmet products canned and pre-cooked meals. Their constant innovation and their adaptability to the needs of each moment offering a greater variety to cater to a larger segment is what has made that are positioned on the gourmet market with artisan products and to transfer the local asturian cuisine to all the places. Ingredients Piquillo peppers 30%, spider crab 20%, milk, butter, wheat flour, onion, tomato, olive oil, white wine and salt.

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FormatCan, Box
Net Weight280 grams
SourceAsturias, Spain

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