Ham of Acorn-fed 100% Iberian, Hand-Cut, Individually boxed 100 grams


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Acorn-fed 100% Iberian Ham, Hand Cut, Individual Case 100 grs. Belloterra

Made in an artisanal way and from 100% Iberian pigs raised in Extremadura, selected for their exceptional genetics, fed with acorn, with infiltration of unsaturated fat from acorn feeding. Low salt content to enhance the own flavor and aroma notes.

The knife cut by experts who get the cut of it to be done regularly and perfectly. In thin slices preserving all its quality. Respecting all the characteristics of texture and flavor that Iberian ham has due to the fact that the cut itself is produced in a much more leisurely way, being another popular ritual of Mediterranean gastronomy.

It is characterized by an intense aroma, delicate flavor and slightly fibrous texture, melting in the mouth, leaving a persistent aftertaste characteristic of acorn. It has a characteristic color that varies from pink to purple-red, bright, with filtration of pinkish fat, rich in oleic acid, which makes it unctuous to the touch and improves its organoleptic qualities.

Made in Bellotera,  Taking care of the details of the production and transformation of the Iberian. We take advantage of our unique environment, guarantee the quality of the production process and apply traditional know-how while continuing to invest in a continuous process of innovation.

Belloterra's facilities are located in Añora, the heart of the Los Pedroches region, in the northern part of the province of Córdoba. This enclave allows the Iberian pig to feed itself with the best raw material: the holm oak acorn, whose high content of natural sugars gives the Los Pedroches ham its characteristic sweet flavor.

Without forgetting the efficient management and commercialization of our products, we are strongly committed to the revaluation of our sector with the same culture and tradition that for centuries has revolved around it.

Acorn-fed ham properties

Iberian ham is a product very rich in proteins and high quality essential amino acids that make it recommended for daily consumption. In addition to being an irresistible food, it contains vitamins of type E, B1, B6 and B12 that benefit the nervous system and the functioning of the brain. It is an antioxidant and is rich in minerals such as iron, phosphorus, potassium and zinc.

For every 100 grams of acorn-fed Iberian ham, the caloric intake is about 250 kcal, so moderate consumption will not harm low-calorie diets.

Its downside is that it contains salt, but it is the type of ham that has the least of all (between 2.5% and 4.5%), it has 5%.

Ingredients: Pork ham  Iberian breed, salt, preservatives (E-250, E-252).

Data sheet
FormatVacuum packaging
Net Weight100grs
SourceThe valley of the Pedroches, Cordoba, Spain
Type100% Iberian Breed
Zona de ProducciónBadajoz

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