Wine vinegar Gran Reserva, 250 ml D. O. P Montilla-Moriles


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Wine vinegar Gran Reserva, 250 ml, D. O. P Montilla-Moriles. What do we find in this product? Wine vinegar Gran Reserva is a flavor and an aroma that is powerful and nice, craftsman and traditional. Gourmet product, single, with a protected designation of origin. The perfect complement for all kinds of uses. Quality from its source to your house(Your story) Wine Vinegar Gran Reserva “The Stew” is flavor and aroma very powerful and nice. Has a crianza minimum of 5 years in Oak barrels. With a protected designation of origin of Montilla-Moriles. It is recommended for all types of uses, in vinaigrettes, gazpacho, marinades, salads, casseroles, where only a few drops brings a awesome flavor. Many options to enjoy that for many it is one of the best vinegars in the world. Bodegas Rodríguez Chiachio SL is located in the city of Cabra, in the Natural Park of the Sierra Subbética Cordobesa. At first the family was devoted to the elaboration of the wine until it began to develop a Special wine for Cooking. Following the line to look for products that contribute to the cuisines traditional flavors, with the utmost assurance and comfort was extended to the range of products with the mark “Stew” with Vinegars, Brandies, Preserves, prepared Dishes and extraordinary Reductions Artisans of Wine and Vinegar unique for its type of preparation on a slow fire for hours. Rodriguez Chiachio joins the tradition, the knowledge in the world of the power, the sheer quality of its wines and vinegars, the best technology in packaging and quality control in the manufacturing. Only in this way can make reaching out to customers the taste and aroma of the real thing, with the maximum guarantee. Tips Can be used in numerous dishes, sauteed mushrooms, salads and vegetables, natural cheeses, foie gras, tapas and canapés, desserts and ice cream, decoration of dishes and presentation pastas, risottos, potatoes in their different varieties, fried eggs, vegetables, meats, in vinaigrettes, gazpacho, marinades, salads, casseroles, where only a few drops brings a awesome flavor. To maintain all of its properties this vinegar is not subjected to chemical treatments or to leakage severe. Properties: Eating well is, rich, healthy, and makes you feel good and happy The vinegar is rich in bioactive components, providing a powerful antioxidant, antimicrobial, helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and many other beneficial properties. The vinegar contains vitamin A that promotes the recovery of vision problems or skin problems

Data sheet
FormatGlass jar
Net Weight250 ml
SourceCordoba, Spain
Protected designation of originMontillas-Moriles

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