Natural thistle ECO 680grs


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Natural thistle ECO 680gr

What do we find in this ECO Natural Thistle?

Freshly picked thistle at the right time, perfect to use directly and simplify our favorite recipes.

Canned Gardeniers

Gardeniers guarantees us the quality of all its products since its cooking is carried out at the moment of harvest , as is its qualitative, responsible and social character.

Gardeniers offers fresh seasonal products , which are harvested at the right moment of ripeness for immediate service.

With criteria of sustainability with the environment and respectful with nature, they are grown without chemical products, thus enhancing all their flavor and freshness and granting them the ECO category.

Gardeniers social work

Gardeniers is a special employment center dedicated to gardening and organic farming in which the vast majority of people with disabilities work . They cultivate all their orchards with the highest sustainability criteria to obtain the best products.

Properties and Benefits of Thistle

  • This food has a high nutritional value since it contains a wide variety of vitamins, among which we can highlight vitamin A and beta carotene.
  • Its content in minerals such as zinc and potassium and its contribution to water is also high.
  • With this preparation, we add a great source of fiber to our diet, being very easy to include both for children and adults.


Thistle * (100%).

* It comes from organic farming

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FormatGlass jar
Net Weight680 ml

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