Jar of Chillies and Alegrías Riojanas Spicy, 160 grs


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Jar chillies alegrías riojanas spicy, 160 grams, without preservatives or dyes. What do we find in this product? Spicy alegrías riojanas ideal to accompany various products such as the potato omelette. Product particularly directed to the lovers of the spicy. The joys of la rioja spicy are a variety of spicy chilly originally from La Rioja, which is widely used in the kitchen region of La Rioja. They are spicy, a strong red color and a shape similar to that of the piquillo peppers though of smaller size. They are often used to accompany different dishes, baked, and made strips with olive oil and a little salt. Product ideal for those who like to accompany their meals of tasty spicy. Collected during the months of September to November. Authentic natural flavor Conservas Artesanas Serrano began with the development in the year 1880. From that time until now their development has not changed, still using the traditional methods for making handmade products of the highest quality. Used as raw material fruits and vegetables of the best quality, obtained from the garden of la rioja (Ribera del Ebro), privileged area in which they are located. During fabrication carry out a treatment, totally craftsman and perform continuous quality controls. For this reason, their canned maintain the authentic taste of natural, the same as that enjoyed by previous generations. Properties of the joys of la rioja Has properties anticancerosas because it causes the death of cancer cells by binding to the mitochondria of the cells and cause their destruction. It is characterized by performing a stimulation of the circulation of energy and blood, at the same time that is responsible for an increase of the sweating, opening pores and stimulate the removal of liquid.Act as an expectorant and decongestant. It is good to take spicy when the lung is weak during the colds of autumn. Prevents and alleviates bronchitis and emphysema.Promote the circulation of the blood by be stimulating fibrinolytic that help to dissolve the blood clots preventing thromboembolism.Reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood to decrease the production of cholesterol in the liver. It is an excellent source of vitamin C, which results in an increase of antioxidants.

Data sheet
DevelopmentHarvested and packaged by hand
FormatGlass jar
Net Weight160 grs
Weight Drained140 grams
SourceNavarra, Spain

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