Minnows 260 grams Ana Maria


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The of minnows in the bay of biscay, a product of artisan elaboration, in large format, 40/50 pieces. Prices of manufactures.

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Small sardines 40/50 pieces, 260 grs. Canned Ana Maria

What do we find in this product?

Sardines are a blue fish raised from sardines, a very tasty and healthy canned fish . In this larger size format we find a sardine from the Cantabrian Sea , a high quality product made in a traditional way to preserve all its juiciness.

The bluish tone of its backs and its silver belly make it easily distinguishable. Sardines are made and packed only between the months of July and December , as this is the period when their meat is juicier and tastier .

Blue fish par excellence, therefore more fatty, energetic and with more fat-soluble vitamins than white. The presence of fat in its meat, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, makes it a very healthy fish for our body. It is also an easily digestible food and an excellent source of minerals and vitamins (A and D), which remain intact in the preserve.

Quality from its origin to your home (its history).

The Ana María canning company is a family business created in 1997 in Santoña . Its production is focused on the artisanal manufacture of Cantabrian anchovies having tradition and quality as a symbol, selecting the best specimens from the best fishing grounds.

Currently they have expanded and have broadened their offer with another range of products, such as canned tuna from the north, belly ... finding a wide and careful selection from the sea, having positioned itself as a national benchmark canning company.

Data sheet
Location of the cannerySantoña (Cantabria) Spain
Net Weight260 grams
Weight Drained180 grams
SourceCantabrian Sea

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