Saffron of La Mancha, D. O. P. 2gr. Jar glass.


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Jar of saffron from La Mancha artisanal Protected Denomination of Origin 2 grams What do we find in this product? Saffron of La Mancha craftsmanship with D. O. P 2 g Has the label of "Strands red craft production". An add-in for flavor, color and aroma to your dishes. The best saffron in the world. Discover why this is the best saffron in the world: Born in Castilla-La Mancha, where they have long summers and rigorous winters very cold, in a clay soil: the ideal setting for the flower of the saffron. - It is the only crocus with a Protected Designation of Origin, from the early NINETEENTH century. The collection of the flower is done only during the first hours of the dawn. Its aromatic power and coloring is superior to that of the saffron-at-large, due to the artisanal process of monda and roasting. Its aroma, far from being intense, it is soft as that of a good perfume. Handcraft production The saffron Denomination of Origin La Mancha is produced in the best production area in the world. The choice and preparation of the saffron of La Mancha is performed always under the point of view of the craftsman. The plots in the cultivated saffron are floors clean and free of contaminants. The harvesting is done between October and November with the first rays of light of the day, as the light, the air, or the sun make the flowers lose their properties. Takes a lot of work and effort for the needs of the same, we employ a uncomfortable position and you must avoid smashing the flower to assist in the process. Once picked, the flowers are transported quickly to perform the trimming, a delicate process to get the saffron spice. The pith consists of extracting gently to the stigma of the flower with its three strands clean. The stigma is removed completely, what difference to the saffron of la mancha of all of the others. The process followed is called the roasting: dry and dehydrate the stamens, turning them in the spice. Drying by hot air, soft, so as not to burn the saffron, gives off a pleasant smell of toasted saffron. In this process, the saffron reduces their size by up to 20%, and adopts a darker color. The phase of packaging is very neat for the product to reach the most pure as possible to the hands of the customer. Proof of the good performance of the process, is the seal of this saffron as the best saffron in the world. How do you know if it meets the appellation of origin? The requirements for the cataloguing of the saffron with Protected Denomination of Origin Saffron of La Mancha, which include having their origin in certain municipalities of Spain, placed on the market packaged in less than 100 gr, be produced a year before bottling (as a maximum). This tag is the only one that guarantees the compliance with the requirements of the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin saffron of La Mancha. Some tips to identify you in our house if what we have bought really meets the Appellation of Origin, we can look at the following details: The saffron comes in strands flexible and resistant, of a bright red colour and bright, never ground. Once you have it in your hands, we must grasp its aroma and the absence of astringent taste. Benefits of saffron for health The saffron Denomination of Origin La Mancha is not only a great seasoning food, but it has numerous benefits for our health: Stimulates the digestive system, and regulates digestion thanks to its red pigments that favor the production of bile. In addition, it helps reduce cholesterol and is a good remedy for asthma. Relieves menstrual pain and menopausal, prevents cramps and is also used as an aphrodisiac. Good for aches, neurological, ingested in infusions combat the depression and pain of teeth and gums. It works as a natural antioxidant, crocin of saffron it slows down the degeneration of cells, is preventive of cardiovascular diseases and anti-cancer, prolonging the life expectancy Improves memory and cognitive skills, being recommended in people suffering from Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. The safranal, a component of the aromatic, strengthens the eyes , the retina and the blood vessels. For all these and many more reasons it is recommended to consume our saffron, grown in the more traditional way and delicate to reach the consumer in a more direct manner. Ingredients Saffron.

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FormatGlass jar
Net Weight2 grs
Protected designation of originThe Stain

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