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Cabrales cheese from cow's milk What do we find in this product? This Cabrales cheese is a cheese made in the picos de Europa in the part where it limits Asturias and Cantabria. Being typical of its preparation in the natural caves in these mountains, where the tradition of cheese making is very ancient. The Cabrales cheese is very famous for its unique look and taste, being a blue cheese, soft texture, strong flavour coming in the mouth, spicy and intense and a bit acid. Their appearance and their smell can get sometimes, not very knowledgeable of this cheese, to think that its been this bad, since its smell is strong, and its appearance presents white shades, dark greens, which can lead us to the wrong conclusion. This cabrales cheese, as the cheese picón, made in natural caves in the Picos de Europa, which makes the mould from the dampness of the caves to do their work of maturation and natural that unique look and unique taste. The Cabrales cheese can be found with different varieties of milks, Cow, Goat and Sheep's milk or Cow and Goat's milk or only cow. Protected designation of Origin cheese Cabrales This Cabrales cheese has the seal of authentication of Protected Designation of origin, which includes rigorous requirements of cheese-making (both its location of production, and healing as their ingredients). DOP cabrales cheese How is the cabrales cheese? The cabrales cheese is a natural cheese type blue, hand-crafted by the own cattle, with raw cow's milk or a mixture of two or three kinds of milk: cow, sheep and goat. When ripe has a green-bluish and the dough is creamy, with a very strong odor. The cheese will be more or less yellow the higher the amount of cow's milk has been used, although it usually presents a tone rather of better taste. At the end of its maturation, the cheese has the following characteristics: Cylindrical, 7 to 15 cm height, diameter, and weight variable. Bark soft, thin, creamy-gray color with areas of yellow-reddish. Paste consistency unctuous, with different degree of cohesion, compact and without eyes. A pairing is different for each cheese It is popularly known that the cheeses paired with the wine, especially if it is red. There is a rule of taxation concerning the harmonious relationship between wine and cheese. At the time of sample a table it is important to find the balance of a wine which will harmonize in a general way with most of the cheeses and that's going depending also on personal taste. The recommendations for the cabrales cheese are the following wines (although in matters of taste, can be combined in the best way for each one): Fine wines and manzanillas, since they provide contrast to this type of cheese is of intense fermentation; sweet wines, wines red reserve or wines olorosos and amontillados. Ingredients Raw cow's milk

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Net Weight500grs, 450 grams
Protected designation of originCabrales Cheese
Tipo de LecheMezcla de Leches
Zona de ProducciónAsturias

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