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White Tuna Laminate 110 gm Caprice

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Bonito del Norte Laminado 110gr El Capricho, made with all the care and good work, starting from the best raw material, fresh beautiful Cantabrian fish caught on the coast.

What do we find in this tin of nice laminate from El Capricho?

This beautiful laminate combines the great tradition of this preserve, with the application of a careful and studied production process so as not to lose an iota of flavor.

  • Tuna from the north in thin slices

About El Capricho's 110gr Bonito Laminate:

The quality found in this product is not the result of luck, but of hard and detailed work.

From the beginning, the best pieces recently arrived at the fish market are selected and always belonging to boats whose working period is short to guarantee the freshness of the specimens. They never freeze the bonito nor do they acquire them frozen, so once they leave the fish market, a whole production process begins in which speed is rewarded.

In this process, it is where this fine, smooth and juicy texture is achieved, thanks to the speed of its processes, with which they prevent the fish from losing its flavor and qualities.

What is the secret? Wrap each and every one of the stages with all the love and affection for the product so that, when we taste this preserve, we have the feeling of being enjoying a freshly caught bonito.

Canning El Capricho

This canning company has a quarter of a century of experience in the production of this wonderful product. Since its inception, its objective has been to obtain "an anchovy like the old ones" recovering the artisan processes and the knowledge perpetuated after years of tradition.

The first point in which this house applies its quality controls is in the purchase of its raw material, always selecting catch from boats with their traditional fishing boats. Later, they treat bocarte with their greatest virtue, patience. In this way, they let nature mark the maturation times until they reach their characteristic smell, color and unique flavor.

Tradition of canned Bonito

Since its origin, preserving or blunting bonito has been a task aimed at prolonging the useful life of this fish, allowing families to save money by being able to enjoy the consumption of a single bonito for months.

Today, this simple process has been perfected so that, even months or years after canning, the sensation when tasting it is of enjoying a freshly caught bonito, without losing its juiciness at any time.

We would never have imagined it but, thanks to these small, and not so small changes in the elaboration of classic preserves, the level of "deluxe" product has been reached, becoming the center of our tables and elaborations.

How do you preserve the Bonito Laminado from El Capricho?

As it is a preserve, when we receive it at our home, it will not be necessary to keep it refrigerated but we can store it at room temperature in our pantry.

Once opened, we must keep it in the fridge and consume it in no more than three days.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Location of the cannery
Santoña (Cantabria) Spain
Net Weight
110 grams
Weight Drained
80 grams
Cantabrian Sea
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