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White tuna rolled in olive oil, can of 110 grs What do we find in this product? This is a similar product to the ventresca of bonito, due to its proximity to this area is a nice laminate of a lot of juiciness but with less fat than the tuna and it makes it a great product. Its development by way of thin slices allows the oil to penetrate better in your texture, a circumstance that makes him out to be much more juicy than its form of presentation traditional “trunks”. Similar in texture and flavor to the tuna. Suitable for people that do not tolerate high contents in fat. Limited production. The best raw materials, only the coastal summer. Appetizer, kebab, salads.. great variety. The bonito is a seasonal product that is only caught during the summer months. The so-called Fleet of the Beautiful out to sea from the month of June until the month of September in search of the best Bonito del Norte. As it is a fish of the season caught with the traditional arts ensures its extraordinary quality and freshness. The cooking and subsequent handling is done carefully so that these products retain all their characteristics and properties. Once the process finishes processing, is stored in cellars for a period before his departure to the market; that way, this preserves and increases their flavor and quality. Tuna vs light Tuna The bonito del norte or albacore found in the north of Spain, cantabrian sea. Its coast begins in summer and lasts until October usually. To ensure the quality is captured with selective fishing, one-on-one, obtaining a meat of higher quality. The yellowfin tuna is characterized by the yellow colour of your flipper, is the most caught and the most commonly used for canning. Although its taste is pleasant and forms part of the mediterranean diet, its quality is intermediate. It is a species of the open water of tropical oceans and subtropical. The white tuna is soft and tasty and has less fat than the light tuna. Benefits of Nice for the health The nice of the north, as all the blue fish, is rich in omega-3, an essential fatty acid and must always be present in the diet, because in addition to regulating the levels of cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular disease, it is essential for some basic functions of the body. The beautiful, like the rest of the fish, it is a good source of proteins of high biological value and has varying amounts of vitamins and minerals. Among the vitamins are the B group, as the B2 (more abundant in blue fish), and the B9, although their content is less relevant if compared with other foods rich in these nutrients. Is a outstanding vitamin B3 and B12, the latter in a quantity greater than many fish, and meats. The nice, for being a fatty fish, it also has fat soluble vitamins like A and D, which build up in a major way in their viscera. It has interesting quantities of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron, plus iodine. Exquisite simplicity The cannery El Capricho is located in Santoña. His story is simple, a story about a quirk, a whim, the people who wanted to recover the tradition that had almost been forgotten. The whole process is carried out in the same facilities, to ensure that it meets its goal of quality and excellence. In these facilities is where they get the catch of the day, treat the raw materials with care and craftsmanship made the production so that you can go direct to the client. Of this way guarantee a quality 100%, treating the products with care, hand-made, cleaning it completely.

Data sheet
Location of the cannerySantoña (Cantabria) Spain
Net Weight110 grams
Weight Drained80 grams
SourceCantabrian Sea

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