Clams Galician rias natural, 16 - 20 pieces


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Clams from the galician rias 16-20 pieces, 111 grams gluten-free What do we find in this product? Clams from the galician rias, a real delicacy, very limited stock is a product in great demand and with low production. These clams are of a medium size, clean and without sand, ready to prepare an excellent dish. Special selection These clams are refined after several processes, chipped and packaged by hand thoroughly, thereby retaining all its flavor or characteristics. Som perfect to enjoy them in the raw or with a few drops of lemon. We can also prepare any dish as a green sauce. Conservas de Cambados produces preserves selected since 1985, located near the Ria de Arousa, Galicia, Spain, famous for its size and for its great marine wealth. From which work most of their choicest preserves, cockles, mussels, clams, and other mollusks. Conservas de cambados is focused on quality, offering products from your source of exceptional and then in his treatment and handling to the final consumer. Properties of the clams The clams are notable for their low content of fats and its high content in minerals, potassium, selenium and calcium, and in vitamins, especially in vitamins of the B group, particularly vitamin B12. Have a high content of iron so that their consumption is highly recommended for people who suffer from anemia. Thanks to its content in zinc increases the natural resistance of our organism to infections so it is an ideal food to increase defenses and strengthen our immune system. Ingredients Clams, water and salt. *Gluten-free

Data sheet
DevelopmentPreparation to hand
Net Weight111 grs
Weight Drained63 grams
SourceRías gallegas
SauceThe natural

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