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Tea English Breackfast 125 grs What do we find in the English Breackfast Tea? There are those who say that was a Tea master Drysdale, in Edinburgh, to which he came up with the idea of selling his own blend of Black Tea as a "Breakfast Tea". Others believe that in about the year 1843, a Tea trader named Richard Davies in New York, began selling for 50 cents a mixture based on: Congou, Pekoe and Pouchong. In which there is no debate, is that its aroma and flavor is unique and different. The “Tea-English Breakfast” Tea is a strong, full-bodied, with floral nuances, light. What can you mix with milk and then this Tea smells comforting and is very similar to the toast warm with honey. The consumption of this variety of tea is generally considered safe. However, black tea contains 40 to 70 milligrams of caffeine per cup. It is approximately one-half of the amount contained in a cup of coffee. Include in your daily routine, breakfast is a very healthy and natural, in the company of a suggestive and tempting cup of “Tea English Breakfast”. How to prepare this infusion As simple as boiling water and pouring it into a cup which include a tablespoon (or to taste) of the dry grass of the pot. After leaving it lay about 3 minutes, you can strain out the solids and enjoy the tea either hot or cold. Ingredients Black tea ceylon, black tea assan and south indian

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