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Anchoas Sanfilippo, in oil "Bocattos", 9 loins

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Sanfilippo anchovies, numbered edition, Bocattos 9 anchovy loins


The bocattos are the central part of the anchovy, they are the loin with the cut ends of the normal anchovy, a format with 9 medium-sized anchovy loins.

Each loin is about 9-9.5 cm long each piece - "the Anchovy Sirloin"

High-quality anchovies, for their elaboration they have the best raw material from the Cantabrian mouth, 24 months in salting and careful cleaning makes these anchovies the best anchovies in the world , as considered by chefs and gourmets.

Sanfilippo anchovies since 1896, 120 years dedicated to canning in Salting

The family business of Conservas Sanfilippo has been making the best salted anchovies for 5 generations as their Sicilian ancestors taught them.

The family follows a maxim, the times and the forms must evolve less the "method", this must be faithful and unalterable to its roots, since the history goes back to the Phoenicians and has been transmitted throughout the times of generation. in generation. Considered one of the oldest generations in the production of Salting in Santoña Conservas Sanfilippo continues to be one of the world leaders in this range of products.

Faithful to their ancestors, the "method" of preparation continues to be done manually, from the coastal anchovy campaign, the time of salting and their care to collect the bocarte at the optimum point and turn it with professional hands into the best anchovy from the market.

This semi-preserve belongs to a limited and numbered series

After a careful selection of the raw material (Engraulis Encrasicolus, caught in the Cantabrian Sea during the spring fishing campaign with purse seine and hoisting gear) we put in place exclusive manufacturing and long maturation processes to achieve the best salting, starting point for this "Anchovy Fillet in Olive Oil".

Given the nature of the product, and its production method inherited from our ancestors, one of its identifying characteristics is the lack of homogeneity.

It is not surprising that this anchovy is not identical from one season to another, between batches or numbers of the same series.

The fundamental thing is to maintain the unique flavors and nuances of Sanfilippo salting and of course excellent cleaning.

Sanfilippo anchovies, centuries of tradition.

Cleaning and selection

Only the best snack on the coast is selected for quality, size and freshness.

Fishing and Salting

Bocarte del Cantábrico that provides the best quality and flavor to this product and after a painstaking unique salting process of almost 24 months, which provides the highest quality to this product, its production begins.

Packaging and warranty

A meticulous and careful cleaning of the best pieces extracted from a long-term salting process that provides unique flavors and textures on the market.


  • Temper in an unforced way for a correct tasting.
  • The ideal is to consume it once opened, although they hold in the refrigerator afterwards.
  • The main enemy of Anchovy in Oil is HEAT, then AIR, LIGHT and WATER.
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Product Details

Data sheet

Location of the cannery
Santoña (Cantabria) Spain
Kneading by hand
1/2 diners
9 Bocattos
Size of the Anchovy
Source Bocarte
Engraulis Encarsicholus (anchoa del cantábrico)
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