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Promotion Pack 8 Cans of Anchovies from Santoña in Olive Oil 90grs, Angelachu

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Promotion Pack 8 Cans of Anchovies from Santoña in Olive Oil 90grs, Angelachu

What do we find in these 90g cans of anchovies from Angelachu?

In this 90g format of Angelachu anchovies, as in any of its other formats, we find perfectly clean anchovy loins, with unrivaled juiciness and flavour.

The size of the loins in this case is medium caliber, which makes them perfect to enjoy in a "snack".

  • Medium anchovies 15-17 fillets
  • Bocarte of the Cantabrian
  • Olive oil

Canned Angelachu

Conservas Angelachu was created in Santoña at the end of the 90s, with the experience of four generations of professional fishmongers and canners. This family business follows the motto of “Authentic artisan tradition” . In its elaboration, they look for the quality of the raw material with the seasonal fish, obtaining it through a manual artisanal capture looking for the ideal size. They are very committed to taking care of the original and traditional processes .

The fish comes directly from the main markets, selecting a fresh fish of suitable size and quality. Already in the factory they begin with the artisan elaboration of the salting. They carefully take care of all their evolution to achieve the highest quality in their products. After completing the maturation time, they make the anchovies one by one using the hand-kneading method, which involves a lot of work and therefore a higher cost, but they achieve an unparalleled anchovy quality . All its products stand out for their pristine presentation, texture and flavor.

Packaging Description

It is the ideal format for an appetizer to share between 2/3 people. The greatest dangers of the anchovy are light, heat and oxygen, which is why canned formats are the most suitable for a perfect state of conservation of its properties.

How to taste Anchovies in Olive Oil?

To enjoy the anchovies you have to take the can out of the refrigerator about 20 minutes before you are going to consume them, so that the salt and oil dissolve completely (they solidify when cold) and you can enjoy their maximum flavor.

Data sheet
Location of the cannerySantoña (Cantabria) Spain
DevelopmentKneading by hand, Preparation to hand, Traditional
Diners3/4 Diners
Fillets15/18 anchovy Fillets
Size of the AnchovyMediated
FormatDouble octavillo or Fourth Club, Can
Net Weight90 grams

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