Stuffed Squid in its medium ink 138 grs, Ramón Peña Oro


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Stuffed Squid in its medium ink 138 grs, Ramón Peña Oro

What do we find in this product?

The best, smallest and most tender squid rigorously classified by size. They are cleaned and prepared by hand and filled with their
own tentacles. Ivory white, tasty meat and pleasant texture.

Ramón Peña Gold Series

Tradition defines us. A tradition inherited from a unique way of understanding and living the sea. Generations of professionals who have dedicated body, and above all soul, to value the wealth of the Galician estuaries, appreciated throughout the world, and the Cantabrian Sea. Also artisan work, which has been maintained for centuries and which today is synonymous with quality and excellence.

The history of Ramón Peña dates back to the year 1920. A small canning company in Galicia began with the elaboration of fish and shellfish preserves in a careful way, controlling the raw material from the origin and pampered artisan processes to make the cans authentic luxuries for the palate.

The passage of time has only strengthened that philosophy of continuous improvement and an objective that has remained intact, to preserve the best of the sea in Ramón Peña's cans.

Today, these values remain in the DNA of the company, which continues to grow and bet on Galicia and its gastronomic culture.

Properties of the Squid

Squid stands out for its high content of good quality proteins, providing all the essential amino acids. It is a food very low in fat and calories that contains minerals such as potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, iron and manganese and vitamin A, B3 and B12. It also has a low mercury content. Due to its cholesterol content, it is advisable to consume it in moderation, one or two servings a week, so that it does not pose a problem in blood cholesterol levels.


Data sheet
Size of the AnchovyMediated
Net Weight138 grams
Weight Drained110 gr
SauceIn your ink
MarcaConservas Ramón Peña

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