Infusion Tila 75 grs


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Infusion Tila 75 grs

Linden or linden tea is an infusion that is prepared with some of the different varieties of linden or Tilia, a family of trees that has a large number of species.

A linden and to sleep. How many times have we heard these words, but the truth is that they are loaded with reason. Linden has a sedative power worth taking into account and therefore in infusion it is ideal in states of anxiety and stress, even in those cases where insomnia takes its toll.

Linden is a substance of enormous qualities, among which are:

  • Linden acts as a relaxant at the nervous system level, which is why it is especially indicated in cases of stress, anxiety and insomnia.
  • Another sometimes little-known characteristic of linden is that it has antispasmodic activity, which is why it is recommended in cases of colic, menstrual pain, contractures, intestinal spasms, etc. It is antitussive, it helps to relieve the respiratory mucosa in cases of cough.
  • On the other hand, linden acts in the body with a diuretic effect, which will favor the elimination of retained fluids and therefore will undoubtedly affect a better cardiovascular function and an interesting cleansing phenomenon.

How to prepare this infusion

It is very simple, you just have to heat water until it boils and in a container pour a tablespoon of the dried herb .. Leave for three minutes and strain. It can be taken hot or cold, that will depend on your tastes or the time of year in which we are.



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