6 Sobaos Pasiegos from Cantabria, Large, 1kg


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6 Sobaos pasiegos de Cantabria of 1kg

Main characteristics of sobao pasiego

The true sobao pasiego must bear the PGI seal, a protected geographical designation, which will indicate that we are facing a quality sobao, made with quality products and therefore it can be called sobao pasiego.

A sobao pasiego is similar to a sponge cake, made with flour, butter, sugar, eggs, honey and yeast. It is spongy but of great consistency, since a sobao can be 55 grams up to 500 grams, a perfect snack for the breakfast of champions.

Its texture, consistency and flavors of its ingredients make this sweet one of the most typical of Cantabria and recognized throughout Spain, you will try this authentic sobao pasiego and you will repeat.

Get ready to enjoy a good sobao pasiego for breakfast or a snack, alone or with a bowl of cola or coffee, and fill yourself with energy and flavor for the whole day.

Quality: from its origin to your home

Our products are made with natural and top quality ingredients. Coming from his own farm located in Selaya, Cantabria.

Following a traditional production process, sobaos and quesadas come out from our workshop every day of the week. The first step to make these exquisite sweets is the preparation of the dough for each product, as it has been done over the years in pasiegas houses.

With the dough made for each product, it is introduced into the bowl that measures the weights of the products to be made. Subsequently, the trays are baked with the fresh dough in its different formats. Ending with the packaging and packaging of each of the products.

It's that easy to make authentic Cantabrian sobaos pasiegos, with tradition and the best raw materials. 100% handmade, a unique delicacy.


Butter (26.96%), wheat flour, eggs, sugar, honey, raising agents (disodium bisphosphate and sodium bicarbonate), anti-caking agents (calcium sulfate, calcium carbonate and wheat starch), preservative (potassium sorbate)

Data sheet
Net Weight1 kg
Protected geographical indicationDay sobao pasiega

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