Saving Pack 20 Octavillos Anchovies Juanjo


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20 Cans of Anchovies from Santoña in Olive Oil 50grs Juanjo

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Saving Pack 20 Cans Anchovies from Santoña in Olive Oil 50grs, Juanjo

What do we find in these 50gr cans of Santoña anchovies from Juanjo?

We find anchovies made by hand , with the best raw material from the Cantabrian coast .

In this format we will enjoy small anchovies, made through a completely traditional process , the technique of kneading by hand that consists of removing the skin of each of the fish extracted from salting, one by one, with nets. With this, all the properties and characteristics of the raw material are maintained, before its manual filleting.

  • Small anchovies 8-10 fillets
  • Bocarte of the Cantabrian
  • Olive oil

Canned Juanjo

The Juanjo canning company was created in 1989 by a married couple who had been working in the sector all their lives. They were dissatisfied with the industrialization of the production processes and decided to create their own company to dedicate themselves to the artisanal production of anchovies and bonito. That is why the following principles were clear from the beginning:

Exclusively prepare Cantabrian anchovies and bonito from the north with top quality olive oil with the right degree to maintain its flavor and qualities.

Maintain traditional processes and produce only the quantities that guarantee the quality and freshness of the preserve . In this way they achieve a completely artisan product, of the highest quality and guarantee.

How to taste Anchovies in Olive Oil?

To enjoy the anchovies you have to take the can out of the refrigerator about 20 minutes before you are going to consume them, so that the salt and oil dissolve completely (they solidify when cold) and you can enjoy their maximum taste.

Data sheet
Location of the cannerySantoña (Cantabria) Spain
DevelopmentCraft, Preparation to hand, Traditional
Diners1/2 diners
Fillets10 Anchovy Fillets
Size of the AnchovySmall
FormatCan, Octavillo
Net Weight50 grams

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