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Anchovies in Olive Oil HIGH RESTORATION 120 g At the Edge of the Sea

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Anchovies Size top, selected and limited edition.

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Anchovies in Olive Oil 120 g At the Edge of the Sea, 11/12 fillets. Let yourself be surprised by these anchovies prepared at their optimum point of maturity and under a meticulous cleaning.

What do we find in this can of anchovies in olive oil Al Borde del Mar?

In these anchovies in olive oil we find the best anchovies, made with bocarte from the coastal spring , that is, the best raw material possible.

The Cantabrian mouthful fish at this time of year has the essential characteristics to be able to obtain an anchovy of exquisite quality, powerful flavor and adequate size. After allowing it to mature in the barrel for between 6 to 8 months, it is made by hand, meticulously cleaning fillet by fillet.

  • Large anchovies 11-12 fillets
  • Cantabrian mouthful
  • Olive oil

About Anchovies in Olive Oil 120gr from Al Borde del Mar

These anchovies come from a small canning facility where the entire process, from its purchase at the fish market to its final canning, is done with meticulous detail since, having less production capacity, they can dedicate more time to each stage.

Anchovies are rich in omega-3, which helps to lower cholesterol and plasma triglyceride levels, also increasing the fluidity of the blood, preventing thrombi and clots. Rich in vitamins B2, B3, B6, B9 and B12, all of them with important functions. Fat-soluble vitamins such as A and D, contributing to the regeneration of tissues and skin, promoting resistance to infections, and necessary for the development of the nervous system and night vision. Vitamin D helps blood calcium levels and favors its absorption and fixation. Minerals, magnesium and iodine.

It is the ideal format to enjoy a small lunch or dinner with family or friends since it is a medium capacity format with 11-12 loins. The greatest dangers of anchovy are light, heat and oxygen, which is why canned formats are the most suitable for a perfect state of preservation of their properties and it is best to choose the can sizes based on the number of diners, avoiding that the can remains open with product for more than a day.

Canning At the Edge of the Sea

It is a small canning where all the anchovies are made by a couple. They carry out all their elaboration, with great dedication and care, from cleaning the fillets to the meticulous controls that are carried out on the anchovies, thus giving them the highest quality until their packaging.

Tradition of Anchovies in Olive Oil

Among the first Italian salting producers to come to Santoña, one name must stand out: Giovanni Vella Scaliota. Vella had arrived in Santoña sent by the prestigious Neapolitan firm Angelo Parodi, dedicating himself to the salatori profession (saladores). His merit was inventing anchovy fillets in oil.

The salted anchovy had to be cleaned at the time of consumption (as is still done now) and once prepared, take it natural or with a little butter to soften its salty flavor as it used to be served in Italy.

Signore Vella, began to be obsessed with the idea of carrying out these tasks in the factory and canning the anchovy to sell it to the consumer directly, for this he began to carry out the entire process in the factory: cleaning the salting and then forming two strips or fillets, removing the central spine and canning the strips in cans, using melted butter as a topping.

The price of butter was too expensive, so it was replaced by olive oil, giving rise to the anchovies that we all know.

How to taste Anchovies in Olive Oil?

To enjoy the anchovies you have to remove the can from the refrigerator about 20 minutes before it is going to be consumed, so that the salt and oil dissolve completely (they solidify when cold) and you can enjoy their maximum taste.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Location of the cannery
Santoña (Cantabria) Spain
Kneading by hand
4/5 Diners
12/14 Anchovy Fillets
Size of the Anchovy
Extra Large
High Restoration
Net Weight
120 grams
Weight Drained
55 grams
Source Bocarte
Engraulis Encarsicholus (anchoa del cantábrico)



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