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Arbequina olives with bone, 350 g What do we find in this product? Arbequina olives with bone of the first quality, made in the traditional way without dyes or preservatives. The variety of arbequina olives are distinguishable from the olive normal for their appearance and essence; it has a smaller size than that of its congeners, a deep green colour, a sweet taste and almond, and a size medium-low The arbequina olive has deserved to be the olive most popular in all of Spain for being the essential raw material to produce olive oils of excellent quality to the world level. In addition, the Arbequina is an olive considered as essential in the mediterranean diet, enjoyed as an appetizer or as a dressing in salads, tapas, pâtés, and other dishes. Authentic natural flavor Conservas Artesanas Serrano began with the development in the year 1880. From that time until now their development has not changed, still using the traditional methods for making handmade products of the highest quality. Used as raw material fruits and vegetables of the best quality, obtained from the garden of la rioja (Ribera del Ebro), privileged area in which they are located. During fabrication carry out a treatment, totally craftsman and perform continuous quality controls. For this reason, their canned maintain the authentic taste of natural, the same as that enjoyed by previous generations. Properties of the olives Olives have been considered a food to avoid in the diet of people who want to lose weight, due to its high content of essential oils. Nothing more far from reality, olives are not only a food full of healthy nutrients for the body, but are also a good natural medicine own of the mediterranean diet. This olive arbequina is highlighted by: - Low amount of calories - Your intake of fiber and unsaturated fats Being as well an ideal food for people that have high cholesterol or need to reduce weight. Among the benefits that provide us with the olives is important to highlight its high power to prevent heart disease and the cardiovascular, since the contribution of high unsaturated fats makes it a perfect regulator of the cholesterol levels. In addition, they are a perfect ally for people who have anemia and need an extra dose of this mineral to recover the levels of red blood cells in the blood. Ingredients Olives, water and salt.

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DevelopmentHarvested and packaged by hand
Net Weight325 grams
Weight Drained190 grs
SourceNavarra, Spain
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