Oysters in vinaigrette albariño 5-6 pieces, 266 gr


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Oysters in vinaigrette albariño 6-8 pieces, 266 grams What do we find in this product? Oyster frisee, raised in bats in the ría de Arousa, in a delicious vinaigrette with albariño. Open and select to place the fresh oysters by hand, one at a time. It is then added the vinaigrette with albariño. A delicious vinaigrette that includes the taste of the best pairings for this product. You get an exquisite cover made with an amazing flavor that leaves no one indifferent. "Emerge to bring to your table the flavors of the sea" Or submarine is devoted to the elaboration of canned craft of seafood-oriented sixes gastronomic and gourmet. Innovative products of high quality and highly differentiated, being unique in the market, limited production and choosing always the best raw materials to make a development manual, and maintain the properties. Products that are a few appetizers ideal, quality and taste amazing. Ingredients Oysters, sunflower oil, vinegar, albariño, onion, pepper and bay leaf. *Contains bivalves.

Data sheet
Net Weight266 grams
Weight Drained165 grams
SourceCambados, Spain

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