Beans with Partridge home, 430 grs


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Mortar, basin, 430 grams, without preservatives or dyes. What do we find in this product? The morteruelo is a stew typical of Cuenca and Guadalajara which is made with pork liver (sometimes you add other meats and small game and poultry), spices and bread crumbs, all well crushed in a mortar so that the result is a paste. The name of this stew comes from this cookware used in its preparation. Many confirm its similarity with the pate, but it's a foie gras hot. Sipping warm bread or toast, or a few strips of Cake Cenceña and enjoy its intense flavor! A tasty stew of game meat that you can enjoy a meal accompanied by bread. Prepared in the traditional way and traditional. Enjoy this stew Products from la mancha in best quality Jespep is a company specialized in the manufacture of products from la mancha. Since 1980 working with the aim of giving to know and to taste the gastronomy of la mancha fully respecting the traditional cuisine, using the finest raw materials to ensure superior quality. To complete the craft, have given the product an image of craftsmanship and as attractive as possible, thus achieving a good result in the end-point of purchase becoming in this way a leading brand in the sector. Ingredients Meat pork (lean, bacon, hígadoy knuckle), chicken, hare, partridge, rabbit, lard, bread and spices. *Contains gluten

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Net Weight430 grams

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