Jar of Meat of the Pepper Choricero 125 grs


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Jar of meat of the pepper choricero, 125 grams, without preservatives or dyes What do we find in this product? Tasty flesh of the pepper choricero, ideal for all kinds of food and sauces. A must for people who likes the good kitchen. Can't miss for your sauce, “Bacalao a la Vizcaina”, although it is also used as a condiment to enhance the flavors in other dishes to base of meat, vegetables or fish. Authentic natural flavor The pepper choricero is the pulp of the cristal peppers that have been drying in the sun. Its flavor is very intense due to being dry pepper, it is 100% natural and is delicious, being able to use it for numerous meals. Can be used with meats, fish and vegetables to add flavor to these, or to make different sauces. Ideal for stews and to replace the paprika and add more taste and quality to our meals. Conservas Artesanas Serrano began with the development in the year 1880. From that time until now their development has not changed, still using the traditional methods for making handmade products of the highest quality. Used as raw material fruits and vegetables of the best quality, obtained from the garden of la rioja (Ribera del Ebro), privileged area in which they are located. During fabrication carry out a treatment, totally craftsman and perform continuous quality controls. For this reason, their canned maintain the authentic taste of natural, the same as that enjoyed by previous generations. Properties of the flesh of the pepper choricero The peppers have barely any salt and add a few calories, are low in carbohydrates, contain little fat and are very rich in water, so are a very healthy food recommended for everyone except for people who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, such as ulcer and gastritis, which may irritate the mucosa of the intestine. The peppers provide us with beta-carotene which is a great antioxidant and helps to prevent tumor diseases and chronic conditions. Combine them with meat or fish is a great idea in addition to the palate for the health due to the vitamin C, present in the peppers of the piquillo, makes assimilate better the iron present in this type of food. Ingredients Meat pepper choricero

Data sheet
DevelopmentHarvested and packaged by hand
FormatGlass jar
Net Weight125 grams
SourceNavarra, Spain

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